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The Year of You

In 2021, We've Got Six Unique Programs Just For You

Date December 23, 2020
Author Patrick Wong

2021 is here, and with a new year comes new fitness goals.

And when it comes to fitness goals, we know it’s far from being one-size fits all, so each of our coaches have developed a distinct program aimed towards goals that go beyond the typical.

These programs aren’t just about dropping pounds or getting more chiseled (though you very well may accomplish both!) — they’re about so much more, they’re about you.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to our first programs of 2021. Take a read, think about how these programs align with your goals on and off the mat and get ready.

All of these 4-week programs are now live.

A Better Me, Coach Clarence

An athlete of any skill level will benefit from Coach Clarence’s program and speaks to something likely many of us have been through: losing track of your fitness journey and finding it tough to get back into the swing of things.

In A Better Me, you’ll get reacquainted with foundational skills and then pushed consistently to get to the next level. Being a better you in this program isn’t about topping that leaderboard, it’s about figuring out how to the best you in and after each class.

Fight Club, Coach Colby

Unleash your inner badass and train with Coach Colby through a program that she says brought her being “average” to “athlete”. Coach Colby’s Fight Club will throw you into the ring with intense boxing-flavored athletic conditioning with optional 2-a-day workouts as well as stretching and mobility classes.

If you’re looking to get sweaty and get stronger and leaner, Fight Club is a total knockout.

Strength Foundation, Coach Cole

For true beginners (or those who are a bit rusty) in strength training, Coach Cole’s Strength Foundation program is the perfect match. You’ll spend each class with Cole learning the basics of strength training as well as mobility, breath work, and habit-building.

You’ll leave this program both physically and mentally prepped to advance on to more technical classes that Tempo has to offer.

The Shape Shift, Coach Melissa

If you’re an advanced athlete and already have a strong foundation and bearing in strength training, Coach Melissa’s Shape Shift program is the perfect fit.

This full-body hypertrophy and mobility program will arm you with the strength and skill required to get the physique that you want. While Coach Melissa will be there to guide you through movements, you should be well-versed in most lifting techniques already.

Gym Class, Coach Bryan

While we’re all athletes, take Coach Bryan’s Gym Class program to feel more like a coach. You’ll be brought through weekly HIIT classes while also focusing on core work and progressive recovery to give you well-rounded experience.

What makes Gym Class so special is Coach Bryan’s focus on dumbbell and barbell work and proper form and will guide you through progressions every week to ensure you’re not only training hard, but training safely, too.

Breakthrough, Coach Natalia

If you find yourself struggling with plateauing, Coach Natalia’s Breakthrough Program will help you, well, break through that.

Breakthrough is about re-evaluating your foundational exercises so that they’re even more effective than they ever were before as well as developing mindfulness skills and visualizations to help you push harder, create the right habits, and get on the mat when all you feel like doing is anything but.

It’s the time that many of us earmark our new year’s resolutions, and we encourage you to really think about what you want and how our coaches will get you there through these programs.

Need more accountability? Don’t forget, we have a lot of people who are ready to support you in our Facebook Group.

Find these programs now under the "Class" tab on your Tempo! (Please note that if you're currently in a program, you won't see these programs listed, but they'll be waiting for you for whenever you're ready.)

Author Patrick Wong
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