Strength powers everything

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Strength training’s ability to burn fat and build muscle is unmatched. And unlike cardio, a strength workout keeps burning calories long after you put the dumbbells down.

At Tempo, we’re obsessed with strength training because we want to squeeze the most out of every second of your workout, so you can get back to overcoming life’s little obstacles.

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Pick your endorphin high

45m Full Body Strength

Our signature strength classes incorporate heavier weights along with active recovery periods, in order to build lean muscle, improve bone density, and increase endurance.

20m Legs & Core Tabata

Our high-intensity interval training classes feature quick, intense bursts of exercise, with minimal rest periods, to make your heart rate climb and boost your metabolism.

15m Rise & Shine Mobility

Combining yoga, myofascial release, and other mobility techniques, these classes improve your overall quality of movement, so you can lift safer and more effectively.

30m Full Body Endurance Cardio

Max out your heart rate and increase stamina with our more fast-paced, high-energy classes on your way to building a stronger, better you.

5m Lower Body Recovery Rolling

Slow down, relax, and treat yo’self to our cooldown and recovery classes that incorporate static stretching, breathing exercises, recovery roller, and more.

20m 200 Rep Challenge

Test your physical strength and endurance in our Tempo Challenges. Keep coming back to track your progress and compete against yourself (and others!).

Beat the leader

Leaderboard Tempo

Beat the leader

Prepare yourself for some friendly competition. Every rep drives you higher up the leaderboard—but bad form will cost you. Compete against your friends, yourself, or the greater Tempo community—giving you extra motivation to push yourself just one more rep.

Tempo Coaches

Bryan Fobbs

From a college football career to Orangetheory trainer extraordinaire, Bryan’s a NASM CPT with a speciality in performance enhancement. Prepare for core work when you take his classes—Bryan’s a firm believer that your core is the foundation for all strength.

Natalia Roberts

Maven of movement, Natalia took her extensive dance training into fitness, becoming a NASM CPT and earning certifications in Barre, TRX, and more. Get ready for her to push you with exercises that require strength and coordination, utilizing your full range of motion.

Clarence Hairston

Discovering his passion for fitness while serving in the military, Clarence is a NASM CPT at Barry’s Bootcamp. With his unique perspective on the relationship between confidence and your body, he’s excited to help build the best you, at home.

Melissa Boyd

With over a half-dozen certifications, including NASM CPT, Melissa brings an efficient thoughtfulness into her workouts. She cancels out the exercise BS that’s out there, keeping you energized and getting you what you need safely.

Cole Charlton

A multi-sport athlete since high school, a trainer at Barry’s, and a private NASM CPT that works with elite D1 athletes, Cole’s a fitness renaissance man known for driving classes with his signature positive energy.

Trish Poulose

Inspired by her parents who were national level basketball players in India, Trish carried the family torch representing her country internationally in handball. She took to boxing in 2014 and has competed ever since. She’s now a NASM CPT at Barry’s.


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