Membership. Unlock your Tempo training experience.

The most effective training, at home. Lift smarter, train more efficiently, and easily track your progress.

Smarter weightlifting
Effective workouts
Goal-based training
Smarter weightlifting
Know how much to lift every time and follow form adjustments.
Effective workouts
Work out in ways that suit your body, experience, and life.
Goal-based training
Set goals and follow a tailored training experience to hit them.
Bryan Fobbs BB rowing

Performance-based coaching

With smart weights, AI-powered sensors, and on-screen guidance, Tempo tells you how much to lift, how many reps to do, what your pace should be, and when to step it up.

Colby Back Row

Led by experts, built for your body

Our workouts are designed with fitness science, led by expert coaches, and programmed to fit your body. With free weights, there are endless ways to move and get stronger.

Goal based training app

Make it to the mat, make progress

Whatever your fitness goal, we set weekly targets for you to track and recommend classes and programs that help you get there, every time you show up to work out.

Take your training even further with a dedicated coach and a custom plan. 

Compact or all-in-one. 

Your home gym should suit your space. 


Tempo Move
Tempo Studio
Tempo Move
Save $100. From $495 $395 or $16.46/mo.
Tempo Studio
Save $1,000. From $2,495 $1,495 or $62.29/mo.

Any questions?

What should I expect after I join Tempo?

1. We send you your Tempo: Once you join, we ship your Tempo home gym. Your monthly membership begins when it’s delivered and repeats every month that you are a member on that day.
2. Start working out: Choose from your custom plan or our more than 2,000 guided live and on-demand classes with real-time guidance.
3. Stay motivated and make progress: Track your workouts and adjust your plan anytime in the Tempo app or by messaging your coach. 
4. Activate your 1:1 Fitness Coaching trial anytime: Schedule a 30-minute video chat with your coach to discuss your goals and lifestyle. Your coach will create a customized plan with specific Tempo classes that fit your schedule, experience, and preferences.

What makes Tempo different?

Tempo provides the most effective training, at home. Lift smarter, train more efficiently, and easily track progress for one monthly price.  Working out with Tempo doesn’t require drilling holes in your walls, or purchasing expensive pulley systems or third-party weights. 

How does the 30 day trial work?

From the day your Tempo is delivered, you have 30 days to fall in love with Tempo or cancel your membership. Get a full refund if Tempo is not for you, including the cost of your first month of membership. Email to start the return process.

Do I have a minimum commitment for membership?

Yes. There is a 12-month commitment for any purchased Tempo Move or Tempo Studio. There is no minimum commitment on Tempo Move rentals or 1:1 Fitness Coaching services.

Do I need to buy a Tempo home gym to join Tempo?

Unless you are joining a Tempo family, yes.

What types of classes and workouts are available?

Whether you’re looking for strength training, boxing, yoga, HIIT, cardio, meditation or mobility, there’s something for you.

Can I invite family members to my account?

Yes. You can invite 5 additional people to work out with you.

Can I pause my membership?

Yes, for a limited time. If you purchase your Move or Studio, you can pause your membership for up to three (3) months per calendar year. If you pause your membership during your rental period, your paused months do not count towards buyout months. Email for questions.

Payment FAQs

What’s the difference between renting and financing?
With both options, you can pay monthly. The difference between the two purchasing options comes down to returns and the refundable deposit.

  • Rent: requires a $100 refundable deposit to start. You can return equipment for any reason within your first two years of ownership
  • Finance: no deposit required. When you finance with Affirm, you’re limited to returning your Tempo home gym in your first 30 days.

  • Why is there a $100 rental deposit?
    The deposit secures your Tempo Move rental. It’s refundable upon return of the Move. To receive your refundable deposit back in full, please ensure your Move remains in good condition and is packaged properly. For more information, please see

    Can I pay for my Tempo Membership upfront?
    Yes. You can choose to pay for your membership monthly, or upfront for 12 or 24 months*. You save money on your membership if you pay upfront.

    *New members as of November 24, 2022

    What is the cost of 1:1 Fitness Coaching?
    If you choose to continue 1:1 Fitness Coaching after your free trial months expire, the cost is $30/mo. You will not be automatically enrolled in 1:1 Fitness Coaching after your trial months expire. Please email to start the process.

    Can I rent the Tempo Studio?
    Not at the moment, no. Currently, you can only rent the Tempo Move. You can buy the Tempo Studio or finance it with Affirm.

    If I choose to rent my Move, can I buy it out later?
    Yes! You can choose to buy out your Tempo Move at any time. Here’s how that looks:

    Tempo Move
  • First 12 months: $495
  • >12 months to 18 months: $250
  • >18 months to 24 months: $125
  • After 24 months: $0

  • Tempo Move Plus
  • First 12 months: $640
  • >12 months to 18 months: $320
  • >18 months to 24 months: $165
  • After 24 months: $0
  • 1:1 Fitness Coaching FAQs

    How does 1:1 Fitness Coaching work?
  • Activate your Tempo account: To redeem your 3 month free trial of 1:1 Fitness Coaching, log into your Tempo account through the Tempo mobile app once your membership is activated. Your login is the username and password you create at checkout.
  • Select a trainer in the app: You can review their style, specialty, and experience.
  • Schedule a 30-minute video chat: In this call, you and your coach discuss your goals, routine, and lifestyle.
  • Get your custom plan: Your coach creates a flexible, personalized plan with specific Tempo classes that fit your schedule and preferences.
  • Chat & check-in with your coach: You’ll be able to chat with your coach via in-app messaging and book another 30min virtual session every quarter to recalibrate and adjust as needed.

  • How many members on my Tempo account can use 1:1 Fitness Coaching?
    One. You can still have 6 individuals associated with your account, but only 1 of you will be able to enroll in personal coaching.

    Can I add or remove 1:1 Fitness Coaching to or from my membership?
    Yes. With no long-term contract, you can add or remove 1:1 Fitness Coaching from your membership. Note that if you want to add it to your membership, you may need to be put on a waitlist. Email to start the process.

    Who are Tempo 1:1 Fitness Coaches?
    The Tempo 1:1 Fitness Coaches are certified fitness trainers with different backgrounds who specialize in all areas of fitness. During your onboarding, you can browse by availability, specialty, and background to find the one you feel best fits your needs.

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