Give Free Months, Get Free Months

For any friend you refer who purchases a Tempo Membership using your personal referral link, you will receive one free month of membership. Your friend purchasing will receive their first month free as well. Your referrals must be new members.

How It Works

  • To get started, find your referral link in the latest version of the Tempo mobile app, under the “Profile” tab. From there, tap the blue banner to find and share your referral link.

  • When your friend purchases a Tempo Membership using your referral link, they’ll receive their first month for free

    • The referral link can ONLY be used for Tempo Membership, where the Tempo Move is rented. The referral benefit only applies to the membership fee. It does not apply to any deposits, shipping fees, or other upfront fees Tempo may charge

    • The referral link CANNOT be used for memberships where the Tempo Move or Tempo Studio are purchased upfront

  • Once your friend’s Tempo is delivered and activated, you will earn your free month.

    • You can earn multiple free months - we will push your next billing date accordingly

    • Because of IRS regulations, we may need to cap the number of free months you can receive in a calendar year. If this occurs, we will notify you and any remaining months will apply in subsequent calendar years. Don’t worry - you will always get a free month for referring an eligible friend


  • All Tempo members are eligible to participate in this program.

    • If you are a member of a Tempo family, any free months you earn will be applied to your family account.

    • If you leave your Tempo family, months earned will remain with your original family account.

    • If the primary member of the Tempo family (who pays for the subscription) cancels the subscription, all unused free months are non-transferrable and will be lost.

  • The referral link must be used at the time of purchase. We cannot honor the credit after final payment has been made.

  • You may not distribute your referral links for any commercial purpose or otherwise publicized for use by the general public or on sites where you are not the primary owner and operator. Tempo reserves the right to refuse to honor referral links and/or terminate your eligibility for this program if Tempo suspects abuse (such as posting your referral link to deal or coupon aggregator sites, review sites or videos, etc.).

  • For members who earn greater than $600 per year in free membership months (or from other linked promotions), we may be legally obligated to send a 1099 Tax Form. If this occurs, a Tempo Member support agent will contact you with further details.

Restrictions and Limitations

➞ Valid only on U.S. Tempo Membership orders (where Tempo Move is rented). It does not apply for memberships where the Tempo Studio or Tempo Move are purchased up front. It does not apply to accessories-only purchases, like additional weight-plates and bands.

➞ Any abuse of this offer, as determined by Tempo in its sole discretion, may result in the rescission of the referring member’s referral reward and the inability to participate in this or future programs. This may include scenarios where the referred member cancels their membership in first 30 days after activation.

➞ Tempo may choose to restrict the applicability of referrals at any time. The referral link must be used at the time of purchase.

➞ Tempo reserves the right to modify, change, update or terminate this program at any time. Tempo shall have the sole and exclusive right to resolve all disputes between two or more referrers or referees, and all determinations by Tempo shall be final and binding. Tempo reserves all of its rights under the Tempo Terms of Service and all other applicable Tempo policies.

➞ Referral links have no cash value. Also, members who have permanently free memberships cannot trade free months for cash value

➞ Referral rewards cannot be applied to previous account charges, are not redeemable for cash and are not transferable.

➞ For cancellations and returns that are accepted per Tempo’s return policies, the referral link and reward will be null and void; free months will be rescinded.

➞ Void where prohibited.