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Tempo Vision Technology

Tempo is the first home gym equipped with a 3D motion capture system and advanced A.I. that empowers our coaches to give you a richer and more effective workout.

Motion, Captured

Tempo Vision captures motion by emitting pulses of infrared light 30 times a second, generating a 3D model of your body made up of 80,000 individual points.

25 Points of Movement

25 Points of Movement

Computer Precision

Tempo takes this raw 3D model and pares it down to 25 essential joints, while also tracking the motion of your barbell and dumbbells. It maps bodies of any size, in any kind of clothing you feel comfortable working out in.

Human Guidance

These meticulous measurements are then displayed as personalized, easy-to-grasp coaching notes and form cues specific to each exercise, just when you need them.

Coaches who really coach

In live classes, Tempo’s coaches are notified in real-time when you make a mistake, enabling them to provide precise guidance on when to straighten your back, pin your elbows, or sit deeper in your squat.

Privacy is paramount

We take your privacy as seriously as we take powering your fitness goals. Tempo Vision only sees an unrecognizable skeleton and doesn’t capture any interiors of your home.


/mo for 36 months

Go all in on you

With $0 down 0% APR financing, becoming the best you has never been easier. Plus, access unlimited classes and personalized training for an additional $39/month per household.

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