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Announcing Tempo Retail Locations

Find your Tempo now at Best Buy and Tempo Retail stores
Announcing Tempo Retail Locations
We’re excited to announce Tempo’s partnership with Best Buys across the nation and our very first retail location near Seattle.

Tempo x Best Buy

Our mission is to give everyone the power to find and achieve their inner strength. Best Buy is committed to enriching people’s lives through technology — this common vision of providing the tools to unleash one’s fitness potential made partnering with Best Buy a natural step in our mission. By partnering with Best Buy, we can reach even more people and provide the real life opportunity for anyone to experience what it’s like to train with Tempo.
You’ll now find Tempo in over 100 Best Buy locations throughout the country and have the ability to take demo classes and feel what it’s like to workout one-on-one with a world class coach and have real-time form correction and rep-counting powered by our 3D vision.
You can find your nearest Best Buy location here.

Tempo’s First Retail Store

We’ve also opened our very own retail location where you’ll not only have the chance to book personal demos, but you’ll have the opportunity to check out our accessories and apparel, and attend future in-store events.
Situated in the popular Bellevue Square Collection shopping mall, just a 20-minute drive from Seattle, visitors will be able to demo both the Tempo Studio and the recently released Tempo Move during their visit. Tempo specialists will be ready to assist and answer any questions.

Why Retail?

Some of the magic of Tempo might get lost in translation when learning about it from behind a screen. If you’ve been looking into becoming a Tempo member or are in the market for an at-home fitness solution, you now have the chance to learn why Tempo could be the right fit for you.

To schedule a demo at our Bellevue, WA location, click here (575 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA 98004).
If you’re not near either of our Tempo store locations or any Best Buy locations, schedule a virtual demo with our team here.