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Take on a New Challenge

Tempo hosts monthly Challenges to encourage you to hit your goals on and off the mat.
Take on a New Challenge

What are Tempo Challenges?

Your Tempo membership gives you access to thousands of on-demand classes, weekly live classes, and, on a near-monthly basis, Tempo Community Challenges. Challenge events range from completing a certain number of classes in a Collection, finishing a new program, or crushing a combination of Tempo classes on the mat and activities off the mat! No matter what: there's an opportunity to win prizes like exclusive Tempo swag, discounts on Apparel, video calls with our Coaches, and more.
Read below to learn more about what Challenge we're running now, and other recent Tempo Challenges we've hosted.

Back to Basics Challenge

Coach Clarence and Coach Bryan

Hello Temponians! Today we introduce our next Tempo Challenge–and it's an important one for all. We're taking things Back to Basics to help you truly perfect your movement patterns.
We’ve surveyed you all a few weeks back and asked for the movements you were most interested in getting better cues and guidance on. We heard you, and we crafted this Challenge just for you!

  • From Monday, May 15– Wednesday, May 31 complete FOUR of the EIGHT new classes in the "Back to Basics" collection.
  • These eight 10 minute classes include four Barbell (BB) movements, and four Dumbbell (DB) movements.
  • 50 randomly selected members who complete four of these classes will win a set of Tempo resistance bands or Foam Muscle Roller!

Spring Training: Train Here for Out There

Train Here for out there

Tempo workouts, programs, and plans give you the power to create your very best and fittest self–both on and off the mat. During the month of March 2023, we want to help you reach all of your fitness goals with a challenge that combines Tempo classes and outdoor activities. Train hard on the mat for the life you lead off of it.
Each week, we encourage you to take three classes, and then we'll finish off with 1 class and some outdoor activities in week 4. Your goal is to complete 10 total classes (2 of which must be Coach Alex's 30m Full Body Build: Spring Training Opening Day and Coach Colby's 30m Full Body Build: Game Day) + some outdoor activities before the month is over. Each week we'll be updating and refreshing the Tempo class catalog, so you'll have plenty of classes to choose from.


Week one is meant to build our solid base. Your task this week is to take our brand new strength class [Coach Alex's 30m Full Body Build: Spring Training Opening Day] to kick off the challenge. The other 2 classes you take this week can be any Tempo class that suits you.


In week two, we challenge you to take one (1) NEW class on Tempo that you’ve maybe been thinking of trying or have put off because it’s not a style you’re usually comfortable with. For example, this could be a Yoga, Meditation, Barre, Pilates, or Boxing Class–anything challenging or new-to-you. The other 2 classes you take this week can be any Tempo class that suits you.


In week three, we challenge you to take one (1) LIVE class to experience the camaraderie of the leaderboard with other Temponians. This month we are expanding our class schedule, so you're sure to find a class at a time that works for you. The other 2 classes you take this week can be any Tempo class that suits you.


We'll finish the challenge with a recap of our week one strength class, this time by taking Coach Colby's 30m Full Body Build: Game Day (this class will be available starting on March 25), to see how much progress you've made! Then we’ll use all the training from the past month to get moving off the mat. We encourage you to do at least TWO outdoor activities: running, biking, hiking, walking, rock-climbing, tennis, golf, you name it! Take a break, get outside, and be sure to join the Tempo Club on Strava.

250 random members who complete their 10 classes by March 31, 2023 will win a limited edition, challenge-branded Tempo water bottle.

AHHM Challenge (2)

Heart HIITers

From February 15-February 28, 2023, we hosted the Heart HIITers Challenge. February is American Heart month, which is a time to spread awareness about and appreciation for improving/maintaining vascular health. We curated a collection of our favorite HIIT/Cardio classes from the library and challenged our members to take at least 5 of them by Feb 28, 2023.
The Heart HIITers collection features 12 HIIT and bodyweight cardio classes — one class features the Tempo bench and another features the Tempo Kettlebell.

All members who completed at least 5 classes from our Heart HIITers Challenge collection received a 25% off promo code to the Tempo Apparel store.


New Year's Challenge: More than a Resolution

To start off 2023 strong, we encouraged our members to complete at least one of our five brand new programs by January 31, 2023.

- Ascend in New Strength with Coach Jonathan
- Barre Fight with Head Coach Melissa and Coach Colby
- Burn & Shred with Coach Alex and Coach Bryan
- Intermediate Yoga 20 in 20 Pt. 1 with Yogi Jeremy
- Strength Power-Up with Coach Cole and Head Coach Clarence

The more programs a member completed, the more entries they had to win a specially designed, and ultra-comfy Tempo sweatshirt. 100 members were randomly selected and notified at the beginning of February 2023.


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