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Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Skill Levels

Beginners can learn how to get the most out of HIIT workouts and see progress quickly because you'll learn the foundations of good technique and form. Intermediate level users can learn more advanced routines and find the best way to push their limits.

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The best way to ensure you're getting the most out of your HIIT workouts is with a personal trainer and customized guidance. Not everyone has the time to head to the gym or find a personal trainer but Tempo makes it easy to get a HIIT workout at home.

Reach Your Fitness Goals

Being a Tempo member will give you access to everything you need to smash through all of your fitness goals. By combining the best aspects of personal trainers with the latest fitness technology, you’ll always learn new ways to improve and progress.
"We’re impressed by the way Tempo Move makes use of a device you already have while cutting the cost of a dedicated at-home fitness setup."

Experience HIIT Training at Tempo

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Improve Your Technique

Feel confident that you're doing your HIIT exercises properly and get the most out of your workouts
In order to get the most out of your HIIT workouts, you need to make sure you’re using the proper form and technique. With HIIT, it’s easy to let your form get sloppy when you get tired, which leads to less desirable results. The problem is, sometimes it’s hard to know when your form is slipping. Even if you’re trying to maintain good form, you might be slacking and not even be aware of it.
With Tempo, this isn’t a problem. You can get a personal trainer and guidance to surpass your fitness goals whenever you want, offering thousands of classes with professional coaches. Our 3D sensor will track your movements and let you know where your form can improve. With either the Tempo Move or Tempo Studio, you can get the most out of every HIIT workout, every time. Plus, when you know where you need work, you can continually improve and reach your goals faster. When you really hit your stride with HIIT workouts, you can start seeing results fast.

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Types of HIIT

Explore cardio, strength or full-body HIIT workouts on both Tempo Move and Tempo Studio
Generally, HIIT is a form of exercise that involves short bursts of intense exercise with rest breaks in between. While HIIT is often associated with cardio, there are several types of HIIT workouts you can perform with Tempo. Here are some of the types of HIIT you can try based on your goals:
Cardio HIIT - This is the one people are usually most familiar with. Cardio HIIT helps you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular health. Your goal with cardio HIIT is to get your heart rate up to a certain level during the intense portion of the exercise.
Strength HIIT - Adding weight and strength exercises to a HIIT workout is a great way to increase strength, gain muscle, and lose weight. These exercises will be high-intensity with high reps and low weight.
Full-Body HIIT - This is a great middle-ground between strength and cardio HIIT, as it gives you a dynamic exercise that hits both. Full-Body HIIT doesn’t usually require equipment. With these exercises, you can lose weight, tone muscles, and improve cardio health.
No matter what your goals are or what type of HIIT you’re interested in, Tempo has an exercise program for you
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Level Up with Expert Coaches and Feedback

With hundreds of HIIT classes to pick from, let expert coaches guide the way
Form correction isn’t the only benefit you get from using Tempo. You get elite coaches who will guide you through every step of your fitness journey. Our coaches will get instant feedback from your workouts, showing them what you can do next to reach the next level.
Tempo provides you with recommendations for your goals, a custom plan, progress tracking, and much more. In short, Tempo takes the guesswork out of working out. Did you feel like you didn’t give your all during that HIIT session? Tempo can show you the results. Progress is always the name of the game when it comes to losing weight, toning, or gaining muscle. With Tempo, you’ll always see your progress and get expert feedback to continue pushing forward.

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The Best Alternative to Zoom Classes

Join virtually from your own home
Tempo provides a great alternative to Zoom fitness classes. While Zoom fitness classes can make it more convenient to workout with a personal trainer from home, it doesn’t provide you with personalized and in-depth attention like Tempo can. With Tempo, your coaches will be able to see the way you’re progressing and get real-time feedback on your form and performance during the workout. This lets them help you make adjustments and get the most out of your HIIT workout.
Tempo gives you several options for working out from home too. While our live-streaming classes will let you get real-time feedback from your coach, we also have on-demand workouts when you need to sneak a workout in or you don’t have time to attend a full live session. Tempo ensures that you can always stay on track for your fitness goals and you never have to miss a day of your workout plan if you don’t want to.

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Dustin I.
Jan 21, 2022
“I love the variety of workouts and coaches. There’s something for everyone, and I learn something new about my body and performance in every class.”
Isaiah K.
Oct 29, 2021
“All of the benefits of a personal trainer from home, with high-quality equipment and a fantastic community.”
Alnettia J.
Dec 7, 2021
“I did my first workout and knew I was hooked. The classes are fun, challenging, and perfect for any fitness level.”

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