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Expand your training with our sweat-resistant bench that doubles as a step and compacts for clever storage.
A modern, space-efficient rack specially designed to pair perfectly with your Tempo. Rugged, sleek, and easily stored.

Strength & Cardio

This design-forward storage system packs your extra weights away and keeps a low profile in your home.

Designed to work with the Tempo plates and collars you already have. Easily add and remove weights to customize your kettlebell for every new workout (weights and collars not included).



Two premium Olympic plates with steel disc inserts and raised flanges for unmatched durability.
Two stainless steel, chrome-finished Olympic dumbbells built for maximum performance.
Delivers in 1 week.
Crafted in stainless steel and finished in chrome, this Olympic barbell has a maximum capacity of up to 300 lb.
Delivers in 1 week.
16 premium Olympic plates built for every tough workout in any fitness journey (75 lb total).
Delivers in 1 week.
Enhance your strength and mobility training with these versatile fabric bands. Set of 4 includes light and heavy weights + medium and large sizes.
Delivers in 1 week.
Make the most of your workouts with the Tempo Heart Rate Monitor. Designed for comfort and accuracy, this exercise essential delivers a real-time reading of your heart rate as you train with your Tempo, so you know exactly when to step up the pace—or when to take a step back.
Delivers in 1 week.

Yoga & Mobility

Lend extra support to even the most difficult poses and stretches with our easy-to-grip, lightweight cork yoga block.
Delivers in 1 week.
Expand your range of motion. Our no-stretch cotton strap helps you deepen your stretches and hold poses for longer.
Delivers in 1 week.
Train in premium comfort. Our mat features a polyurethane top layer and rubber base.
Delivers in 1 week.
Our high-density foam roller is designed to provide a tension-reducing massage for tired muscles.
Delivers in 1 week.

Other Items

Stay hydrated in style with our double-insulated, stainless-steel, 500 ml water bottle.

Delivers in 1 week.
Tempo coaches making you sweat? Dry off with our 100% cotton towel.
Delivers in 1 week.