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For Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Skill Levels

The different types of strength training and the complexity of some movements can be overwhelming. Even advanced lifters need guidance to overcome their plateaus and level up! Tempo offers guided strength classes at all levels and are fit for everyone.
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Join Virtual and Live Streaming Exercise Classes

Tempo membership offers live and virtual steaming classes so you can sweat it out with our professional coaches and other members. You’ll get real-time feedback from our coaches and they’ll give you custom guidance so you get better with each workout.
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Our Classes

Strength training is a crucial cornerstone to every workout program, whether you’re looking to lean out and shed fat or add muscle to your body (or both!). Offering both live and on-demand classes, Strength training at home has never been easier!
"We’re impressed by the way Tempo Move makes use of a device you already have while cutting the cost of a dedicated at-home fitness setup."

Experience Strength Training at Tempo

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Improve Your Technique

Guided feedback helps correct your form as you workout
Strength training can do more harm than good if you don’t have proper form and technique. However, with the right guidance, strength training can be one of the most effective forms of exercise out there. With Tempo, you can ensure you’re performing the exercises to maximize your results and you can perfect your technique to reach your peak levels. Improving your technique on your own can be annoying at best. You have to set up your phone to record yourself and watch your form. Even then, you might not see the nuances of your form and places you could make small adjustments to increase your gains. With Tempo, our 3D sensor will actually track your movements and provide you with instantaneous feedback on your form. You’ll never have to worry about making a wrong move again.
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Perfect Your Routine

From live classes to focused programs, workout on your own time
As you train, your Tempo device will learn your fitness level, your capabilities, and your limits. Tempo will ensure that your routine doesn’t stagnate and will provide you with a perfect routine that will help you smash through your goals. You’ll get expert feedback that will help you learn the best path forward for your fitness journey, all while getting the best exercise you’ve ever had in your life. Are you wondering if you’re squatting enough weight? Is your form suffering because you’re going for too much weight? Are you doing those deadlifts in a way that won’t hurt your back and prevent meaningful gains? You don’t have to wonder about these questions anymore when you have Tempo. Tempo will guide you through all your movements with single classes and multiple class programs to ensure you get the most out of every workout.
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The Best Alternative to Zoom

Join virtually from your own home
Tempo provides a superior alternative to Zoom classes. When you do a Zoom workout, your trainer can see your screen, but it’s difficult for them to track your movements. With Tempo, your trainers can get in-depth feedback on your movements and make suggestions to improve your workout. Tempo offers options for both live training and on-demand sessions. You can get the motivation of attending a live class when you have the time, or you can pull up any of our on-demand workouts to exercise on your schedule. If you have to get a workout super early or late at night, it’s not a problem. Only have 15 minutes to squeeze in a workout for the day? Tempo has something to get your heart pumping. Tempo makes it easy to workout in a way that works for you.
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Different Types of Strength Training

Explore the wide array of Strength Training classes and programs available
There are a variety of different types of strength training. Tempo can help you target whatever goals you’re trying to hit. The seven primary types of strength training include agile strength, endurance strength, explosive strength, maximum strength, speed-strength, starting strength, and relative strength. If you have specific strength goals in mind, Tempo has a variety of classes that can help you improve those areas. Let’s take a quick look at what these different types of strength mean
Agile Strength - Agile strength allows you to quickly change directions and easily accelerate or decelerate without injury.
Endurance Strength - Endurance strength exercises help you to train your muscular endurance and your ability to maintain your strength over extended periods of time.
Explosive Strength - Explosive strength is your ability to exert your muscles at maximum force in a short amount of time.
Maximum Strength - Maximum strength is the maximum amount of weight you can lift in one rep.
Speed Strength - Speed strength helps to increase your speed and quickness.
Starting Strength - Starting strength is the force you can exert without momentum.
Relative Strength - Relative strength varies based on your size. It can be measured by looking at your weight and size compared to what you can lift.
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Effective for Every Skill Level

For Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Skill Levels
It doesn’t matter where you’re at with your strength training skills – Tempo can help you. Absolute beginners can learn the form they need to know, learn technique, and get introduced to strength routines that will help them progress quickly and safely. Those at the intermediate level can start moving on to more advanced exercises, build up their weight and reps, and focus on more specific body goals. Those at the advanced level can find ways to overcome plateaus, get the perfect routines for their goals, and increase their strength in ways you didn’t think possible.
Anyone can benefit from an in-house trainer that is ready to help guide you through a dynamic exercise routine whenever you need it.

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Why our community loves Tempo

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Dustin I.
Jan 21, 2022
“I love the variety of workouts and coaches. There’s something for everyone, and I learn something new about my body and performance in every class.”
Isaiah K.
Oct 29, 2021
“All of the benefits of a personal trainer from home, with high-quality equipment and a fantastic community.”
Alnettia J.
Dec 7, 2021
“I did my first workout and knew I was hooked. The classes are fun, challenging, and perfect for any fitness level.”

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