Effective date: February 26, 2020

This Tempo Return Policy (“Return Policy”) is incorporated into the Tempo Terms of Service available at Terms. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Return Policy have the meanings provided in the Terms.


You may request to return the Tempo Studio to Tempo at no charge for a full refund of the amount you paid for the Tempo Studio at any time within thirty (30) days of receiving your Tempo Studio (or any such longer period as required by applicable law or offered by Tempo at the time of sale, the “Return Period”). This money-back guarantee (i) applies only to Tempo Studios that were installed by Tempo or our authorized delivery and installation agents, and (ii) does not cover dissatisfaction caused by ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents, subject to the terms of our Limited Warranty. Damage to the Tempo Studio upon receipt of delivery must be notated upon delivery. Please thoroughly inspect your Tempo Studio and report any damage within 48 hours to the delivery company and Tempo support.

Per the terms of the Limited Warranty, if a defect arises in the Tempo Studio or a warranted component within the applicable Limited Warranty period, your sole and exclusive remedy is for Tempo to, at Tempo’s discretion to the extent permitted by law, either replace or repair the defective or malfunctioning Tempo Studio or component with the same or a comparable model or, if agreed by the parties, Tempo may provide a credit in such amount toward your purchase of a new Tempo Studio. Any replacement or repaired component shall be warranted for the remainder of the original Limited Warranty period or 30 days, whichever is longer, or for any additional period that is required by applicable law.

Returning Your Device

Tempo will offer at no charge packaging and shipping for your return in the event you return the Tempo Studio due to a defect; for all other returns, you are responsible for paying between $250 and $350 USD, depending on location, for all associated packing and shipping costs.

Your Tempo Studio is expected to be returned in the same condition that it was received. If there are missing accessories or damage to the equipment that was not noted upon receipt, a fee will be associated for refurbishment and repair that will be deducted from your purchase price prior to refund.

To request a return or report a defect, please email our customer service department at and provide your name, contact information and the serial number on the Tempo Studio. Nothing in this Return Policy will reduce or otherwise affect your statutory rights in relation to the Tempo Studio.