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A New Era for Tempo

Evolved to connect with your body’s biometrics, Tempo now delivers daily Readiness scores, adaptable Training Plans, and dynamic in-workout guidance that’s truly personal.
A New Era for Tempo

Welcome to the next evolution of Tempo

Greater personalization, real progress

At Tempo, we believe that getting stronger is the foundation to any fitness journey. Our mission is to provide you with the most efficient, effective, and convenient fitness solution and, with that in mind, we’re excited to announce the next evolution of our product—one that unlocks your fastest path to progress and gives you the power to sync with your strength and lead an active, full life.
This evolution represents the most extensive set of improvements we’ve ever made to the Tempo experience, with a new, guaranteed way for you to get stronger, a host of new features to help you get there, an entirely new look to our app and workout experience, and built-in Body Composition Scanning to help you track your progress off of the mat.
We’ve been working hard on this for a long time, and we’re so excited to finally share it. Let’s get into the details.


Readiness Score

The first major change to highlight is Readiness. Readiness is a calculation of how your body's doing based on your workout data as well as data from your Apple Health app.
We designed this feature to answer the fundamental question, “Why should I do this workout?” The workout you had yesterday isn't the one you need today. Your sleep quality, heart rate, other activity, and muscle recovery should all factor into your training. Now, every time you open the Tempo app, you’ll be greeted with a Readiness score and a short explanation of how your score informs your workout. It sets the intent of your training and gets you on your way.
Your Readiness score becomes even more personalized through syncing your wearable, as we can more accurately analyze metrics such as sleep and heart rate variability to tell the bigger story of how your body recovers and reacts to your training.
The higher your score, the more challenging you can expect your workout to be and, as you’d expect, the lower your score, the more your body is telling us you need to ease it back. With Readiness, there’s no such thing as a good or bad score. It’s just about where your body is each day. We use your score to build and personalize workouts for you, keeping you on your fastest path to progress and helping you push hard without overtraining.

Adaptable Training Plans

Training Plan Boosted Bicep Strength

If Readiness answers why you should do a workout, our new, Adaptable Training Plans answer the question, “What workout should I do?” Adaptable Training Plans are the newest, most efficient way to make progress training with Tempo. They feature built-in ways to track your week-over-week training, and you’ll test your strength at the beginning and end of your plan.
Built on the foundation of our beloved programs, our Training Plans redefine what it means to make progress at Tempo. Plans break from the goals of programs, measuring your progress by tracking how much stronger you get rather than how many workouts you complete. Instead of following a rigid structure of programming, plans build the best workout for you each day you show up, based on your Readiness and goals to ensure you’re always getting exactly what your body needs.
Tempo Training Plans are designed to put you on your fastest path to progress. You’ll begin your plan with a baseline workout to measure your starting point for your focus area. Then, as your plan adapts daily to your Readiness, your workouts will train you towards heavier weights, more reps, and fewer rest periods. The more you show up, the more often we’re able to provide more accurate weight recommendations, add volume, and shake up the intensity to get you stronger. 
At the beginning of your plan, you'll get a list of target strength sets across your muscle groups. We’ll use these targets to guide your focus every time you hit the mat. At the end of your plan, you'll attempt to reach a new PR (personal record) on your baseline exercise, proving the progress you've made. Once completed, you can choose a new plan and the training circuit will begin again.
To start, we have two different categories of plans to enroll in: 

Training Plans that help you maximize your strength and muscle development
➤ These plans focus on strength training across a variety of muscle groups to choose from. You’ll lift weights, with progress increases in your equipment weight loads and varied ways to pump iron as you move through your plan.

Training Plans that balance your strength gain with body definition. 
➤ These plans mix in cardio and HIIT alongside your strength training. So you’ll still build muscle in your focus area — like quads or hamstrings — and extra movements at varied intensity will round out your workout for a full-body experience.

With plenty of plans to choose from (and more released all the time), you’ll always find a new challenge to conquer.

Redesigned Workout Experience

Reps in Reserve

The new workout experience answers the question, “How should I work out?” Redesigned to help you optimize your time on the mat and focus on what matters most, the new, responsive experience takes the guesswork out of your training. With new features and a more elegant design, we’re putting our Elite Coaches and real-time guidance front and center in a way they’ve never been before.

Along with optimizing all the features you know and love, like form coaching and range of motion tracking, we’ve also upgraded the experience with new, exciting features built for your progress:
➤ Reps in Reserve (RIR)
After you complete a challenging set, we now ask you (on your iPhone, Studio screen, or Apple Watch) how many more reps you could've done. With Reps in Reserve (RIR), we can provide more accurate weight recommendations not bound by how much time you had to complete reps in a set. It’s our first step towards having a conversation with you as you work out.
➤ Dynamic Rest
Sometimes, you just need a bit more recovery time. If we notice that your heart rate is still a bit high towards the end of your rest period, we’ll automatically pause the workout for you until you’re in a more optimal zone. Tap your phone to resume at any time.
➤ Set Effectiveness
There is such a thing as a perfect set, and our new feature, Set Effectiveness, helps you get there by rating the efficiency of your sets based on reps, pace, and RIR data. Now, you can make the most progress with every rep and every set.
➤ Personal Record (PR) Tracking:
You can’t beat your best if you don’t know what it is. We now track your PRs for major exercises based on the heaviest weight you can lift for at least 8 reps. If you beat a PR in a workout, we’ll let you know!

Body Composition Scanning

Body Composition Tracking

Last, but certainly not least, is our introduction of Body Composition Scanning. When it comes to strength training, progress has always been easy to track on the mat—if you lift more weight, that’s progress. Off of the mat, though, tracking changes and results has typically been reserved for standing on a scale, looking in the mirror, or calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI), all of which tell an incomplete story, particularly in the short term. 
With the introduction of our new Body Composition Scanner to the Tempo app, we’re enhancing the way you measure the impact of all the effort you put in with us. That means greater insights into the positive effects of strength training on your body, all from the comfort of your home.
Using the app, you can now measure:
  • Body fat: the percentage of your body that’s made up of fat.
  • Lean mass: the percentage of your body that’s not fat, including muscle, bone, blood, and skin.
  • Body circumferences: measurements around body parts such as your waist or biceps.
  • Waist-to-hip ratio: a comparison of your waist measurement to your hip measurement to determine your relative waist size.

We'll share more tips and details about Body Composition Scanning on our blog in the coming days.

Where we go from here

Core Move and Studio

“With the new Tempo, we’re creating training plans that put you at the center and deliver an experience that’s even better than the world’s best personal trainer,” said Moawia Eldeeb, Tempo CEO and co-founder. “No matter your fitness level, every workout is optimized to your body’s changing needs, every time you come back to train with us. This level of hyper-personalization is integral to effective training that keeps you engaged, challenged, and empowered with tangible progress. No more guesswork. No more plateaus. Tempo evolves with you to help you get stronger every day.”

This is just the beginning. We’re excited for what’s next as we continually work to provide you with more value for your membership and more features that will enhance your personal training with Tempo. Thank you, as always, for working out with us.
And if you're not a member yet, what are you waiting for? Your time is now. You can get started building your own Tempo here. We can’t wait to see you on the mat.


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