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All About Tempo Training Plans

Learn more about enrolling and seeing progress in the all-new Tempo Training Plans
All About Tempo Training Plans

Adaptable Training Plans

Adaptable Training Plans are the newest, most efficient way to make progress training with Tempo. They feature built-in ways to track your week-over-week training, and you’ll test your strength at the beginning and end of your plan.
Over 80% of Tempo members that complete a Training Plan see at least a 10% increase in strength by the end of their plan.

Enrolling in a Training Plan

You can enroll in a Training Plan directly from your home screen on your Tempo iOS app or Tempo Studio. Enrollment is not yet available for the Android app.
We recommend enrolling in a Training Plan on a Monday as Tempo Training Plan weeks run from Monday-Sunday. If you enroll later in the week, no worries! You'll just have fewer days of workouts in your week one.

Tempo has two different categories of plans to enroll in: 

Training Plans that help you maximize your strength and muscle development
➤ These plans focus on strength training across a variety of muscle groups to choose from. You’ll lift weights, with progress increases in your equipment weight loads and varied ways to pump iron as you move through your plan.

Training Plans that balance your strength gain with body definition. 
➤ These plans mix in cardio and HIIT alongside your strength training. So you’ll still build muscle in your focus area — like quads or hamstrings — and extra movements at varied intensity will round out your workout for a full-body experience.

With plenty of plans to choose from (and more released all the time), you’ll always find a new challenge to conquer.
Pay close attention to the muscle groups each plan says you'll see the most progress in. Those are the muscle groups that you'll see Tempo focus your strength sets for!

Training Plan Enrollment

How are Training Plans and Programs different?

Built on the foundation of our beloved programs, our Training Plans redefine what it means to make progress at Tempo. Plans break from the goals of Programs, measuring your progress by tracking how much stronger you get rather than how many workouts you complete. Instead of following a rigid structure of programming, plans build the best workout for you each day you show up, based on your Readiness and goals to ensure you’re always getting exactly what your body needs.
We recommend that you workout with Tempo a minimum of 2 times a week, but encourage 4 times a week to optimize your progress.

Baseline Workouts

Tempo Training Plans are designed to put you on your fastest path to progress.
In week one, you’ll begin your plan with a Baseline workout to measure your starting point for your focus area. For example: if you enroll in Coach Colby's "Hamstring Hypertrophy," you'll see a Baseline class with Single-Leg Deadlifts as the exercise you'll test. Once you complete your Baseline, you'll see a checkmark in your week one progress tracker.
If your Baseline class isn't the first one you're recommended in week one, it's likely because Tempo sees your fatigued muscle groups/lower Readiness score and wants you to wait until you're recovered. You can use the swap button whenever you're ready to take on the Baseline challenge!

Making Progress with Strength Sets

At the beginning of your plan, you'll get a list of target strength sets across your muscle groups. We’ll use these targets to guide your focus every time you hit the mat.
Each week, you have required and recommended strength set targets based on your plan's focus. The required strength set muscle group is the one at the top of your list, and you'll see a line separating it from the other recommended strength sets below.
You generally must complete 15+ strength sets in your required muscle group to receive a completion check mark for the week.
If you miss two consecutive weeks in a row, denoted by a '–' we'll reset your Training Plan to get you back on your path to progress.

Strength sets and plan progress

Ensuring You Get Your Strength Sets In

We have some best practices for ensuring you get your required strength sets in each week (and that you don't stall out of a plan).

1. Get familiar with your required strength sets muscle group

Depending on the Training Plan you enroll in, you'll have a muscle group you'll spend extra time targeting each week. For example, if you enroll in "Mastering Shoulder Muscles" with Coach Jonathan, you'll know that Shoulders will be your focus.

2. Follow the Tempo daily recommendations for strength workouts

While you can swap for other workouts at any time, you will not receive strength sets for Cardio/Conditioning or Yoga workouts. Try to prioritize those workouts with strength sets–especially the workouts that contribute to your required muscle group.

3. Give yourself ample time to rest.
Tempo generally won't recommend workouts for you that focus on muscle groups that are "Fatigued" or "Recovering." Make sure you're checking your Readiness score and Muscle Recovery.
We recommend that you give yourself time to rest in between workouts rather than taking more than one Tempo workout a day. The more workouts you take, the lower your Readiness will dip, which means that Tempo may not recommend you a heavy strength class for your required strength set.
For example, if you are enrolled in "The Art of Back Development" with Coach Melissa, you'll likely be recommended a heavy back-focused workout early in your Training Plan week. That muscle group could possibly be "Fatigued" or "Recovering" after that workout, which means Tempo won't recommend another back-focused day tomorrow.
When you spread your workouts out throughout the week, Tempo will more likely recommend workouts that give you strength sets in your required muscle group.
Don't worry: if you're down to the wire and don't see a recommended class with the strength sets you need, you can always take one of thousands of workouts in the Tempo library that targets that muscle group!

Body Readiness

Setting a PR

In the last week of your Training Plan you'll get the chance to set a Personal Record (PR). Generally you'll see a PR Preparation class first, and then a PR class next. You can always swap to take your PR class whenever you feel ready.
Once you take your PR class, your Training Plan is complete. If you want to get a full week of workouts in, be sure to take the PR class later in the week.

Other FAQs

Do I have to take my Training Plan recommendations in order?
Each week, the order in which you take your training plan workouts is up to you, but remember to prioritize your required strength set workouts. If you ever want to mix up your recommended workout, you can swap it out to pick from upcoming ones. The workout recommendations are dynamic, which means that what you see recommended to you now might not be what we recommend in 12 or 24 hours.
Can I modify my recommended workouts even further?

Yes, you can on the iOS app. You can change the intensity of the workout (slide from Challenging to Light, for example), the length of the recommended workout, and even filter by coaches. We’re testing this feature out on the iOS app first before we expand it to the Studio.

Can I pause my Training Plan if I go on vacation or get sick?
Not currently. Think about it this way: if you were working with a personal trainer in person and went away on vacation or fell ill, you wouldn't jump back into a workout or lift the weights you were doing one or two weeks previously. At Tempo, we believe in progressive overload: choosing a goal, working out at a comfortable but challenging level, and then slowly increasing the intensity of the workouts over time with more weight, repetitions (reps), or sets.

What happens if I max out during my Baseline class?
This is totally possible depending on how many weight plates you have, and/or how strong you are! For now, Tempo will tell you if we think you should choose a more difficult Training Plan if you max out during your Baseline class or if we think you’re ready to step it up to add more weight plates to your collection. We’re working on increasing the weight you can load on dumbbells and training our algorithms to recognize the higher weights you load (over 42.5 lbs).

Will Tempo offer Barbell Training Plans?
Yes! They’re coming very soon.

Will Tempo offer boxing, pilates, and yoga plans?
Not for the foreseeable future, but we are incorporating more Boxing, Pilates, Yoga, and Barre into our current plans to ensure you can keep it fresh.


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