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How Tempo Member Lisa Santiago Trains in a Week

Multiple classes per day helps Lisa improve her strength
How Tempo Member Lisa Santiago Trains in a Week
Our Tempo Diaries series takes a deep dive into a week in the life of one of our Tempo community members. We get a look at why they train, how they train, and what they get from their Tempo workouts.
Here’s a week in the life of Lisa Santiago, a Tempo athlete from Florida who went from multiple hours in the gym to multiple Tempo classes per day in an effort to improve her overall athletic performance.
05.25.2021 Lisa Santiago 1

My goal with my training is to build muscle so that I can get better at the activities I enjoy. I bike and run often, but have had trouble building muscle mass, particularly in my lower body. Due to lower back pain, I had stopped strength training for a period of time, but Tempo — particularly Coach Melissa’s Shape Shift program — has helped me a lot. Now, I aim to train five days per week with an active recovery day to make sure I’m always ready for my bike rides and races. I try to fit in a healthy mix of HIIT for my endurance, Strength classes to work on building more muscle, and Mobility to help myself recover from everything I do with and without Tempo.

This is what a recent week of training looked like for me:

• 25m Core Shred: FUNctional Core with Coach Cole
• 30m Day 1 Sculpt and Shred- Full body Conditioning with Coach Colby
• 5m Full Body Mobility P.E. Warmup with Coach Bryan
• 30m Upper Body Build: Press & Press with Coach Clarence

Today I was a bit sore, but squeezed in a live core class with Coach Cole and a HIIT class with Coach Colby during my lunch break. I set a new goal for myself to work on my core at least three times per week so I have made it a point to jump into live classes that focus on the core if they fit into my work schedule during the day. I was excited to be able to log off of work early today so that I could join the live class with Coach Cole! I also decided to take a five-minute warm-up mobility class and then joined a Mental Monday live workout with Coach Clarence. Mental Mondays AKA Upper Body Build Day has become one of my go-to live classes every week. Clarence's messages are always so motivational and my upper body is always on fire right after and I love the burn.

• 35m Lower Body Mobility: Deeper Squats with Coach Melissa
• 45m Full Body Shred: 8 Round Rumble with Coach Colby
• 20m Full Body Mobility: Sunday Reset with Coach Natalia
• 25m Full Body Shred: Cant’s Resist with Coach Colby

On Tuesdays, I look forward to Coach Colby’s live boxing class in the evenings. I truly enjoy taking the late-night live classes. Like I said, I also try to take a live class during my lunch break but was in a meeting during that time today so later in the afternoon I decided to take a 30-minute lower body mobility class called “Deeper Squats” with Coach Melissa — it’s one my favorites. This particular mobility class truly helps alleviate lower body soreness which I’ve been dealing with from biking and running. On days when I am extremely sore, this is my go-to mobility class and the next day I feel brand new.

In the evening, I joined Coach Colby’s boxing class and it didn’t disappoint. I had some time to spare while waiting for the next live class with Coach Colby so I decided to take a 20-minute mobility class with Coach Natalia. Coach Colby’s “Can’t Resist” class with bands was so good I decided to order myself a pair.

• 12m Core: Twists with Coach Melissa
• 35m Lower Body Build: That’s on Glutes with Coach Melissa
• 30m Barre Burn: Side Body Session with Coach Melissa

On Wednesday, I focus on my lower body and it’s also “best friends building butts” evening with live classes with Coach Melissa. Lower body is now my favorite muscle group to train so these are my absolute favorite live classes. Today I had a full schedule at work between meetings and interviewing for new openings so I had no time to get in a lunch break workout. I went for a brisk walk outside during a short break and enjoyed the beautiful Florida weather. The Lower Body Build class was great; it’s great to be lifting heavy and playing with tempo while performing the reps. Coach Melissa’s barre classes on Wednesday nights are officially my absolute favorite body weight class. The burn was so REAL today; I nearly lost my balance after performing small range movements targeting my glutes.

• 15m Mobility 101: Shoulder Mobility with Coach Natalia
• 40m Full Body Shred: On the Contralateral with Coach Colby
• 25m Core & Conditioning: Core vs Coordination with Coach Colby

While writing this diary, I realized I’d be hitting my 300th class today! I took the day off from work and was thinking of taking a rest day from working out but I was excited to hit this milestone. My arm was sore from the first dose of the COVID vaccine but I was looking forward to taking my 300th class in Coach Colby’s Live class and I made some modifications like doing jumping jacks instead of the one legged burpees. I also dropped the weights drastically to perform the bent over low rows and arnold press. Let's hope I can move my arm tomorrow morning! Maria and Drey from the Facebook community asked (or maybe more like pressured me) to join them for the last live class of the night and who am I kidding, it doesn’t take much to twist my arm. Great class and nice way to end the night.

Today I decided to take a total rest day and take an overnight trip to my favorite place: the beach. I’ve been training hard and with my sore arm, it was great to rest up.

• 30m Burn: Core Dimension with Coach Melissa
• 20m Full Body Mobility: Sunday Reset with Coach Natalia
• 30m Full Body Conditioning 2 with Coach Colby

Returned from my overnight stay at the beach in time to join Coach Melissa’s live class and it’s become one of my absolute favorite core classes — what a burn! I followed that up with a mobility class with Coach Natalia. My goal is to take at least three mobility classes weekly. Mobility is such a good way to reset, especially after a recovery day and something I want to prioritize with how much I train and how active I am in my daily life.
A few hours later, I decided to finish the day working on my endurance with a class with Coach Colby.

• 15m Full Body HIIT with Coach Colby
• 35m Lower Body Build: Fold with Coach Natalia
• 30m Full Body Recovery: Rewind & Reset with Coach Natalia
• 20m Full Body Fitness Assessment: Week 1 with Coach Colby

On Sundays, I make it a priority to workout and get in at least one mobility class. Today, I started my day by unpacking and getting some chores completed around the house. I decided to finish up week 1 of Coach Colby’s Sculpt and Shred program by completing the 15 HIIT and 20-minute Fitness Assessment classes. These two classes were quite challenging and tested my cardio and muscular endurance and my body was asking for some mobility/recovery soon after. Natalia’s classes were just what I was looking for. I have found that including mobility classes on the same day as a rigorous workout(s) helps my body recover a lot faster.


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