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Introducing My Plan

A More Personalized Experience on your Tempo Studio and App
Introducing My Plan
Our mission at Tempo has, and continues to be, providing all our members with a personalized fitness experience—one that is tailored to you and what you want to accomplish.
We’re now one big step closer to that with our newest feature: My Plan (for Android, click here.)
As the name suggests, My Plan is all about you. With My Plan, you’ll never need to guess when to train, what class to take, and what you should focus on. My Plan will take care of all of that for you.

My Plan changes the Tempo experience completely by making it easier to find and start a class and removes any guesswork by generating a foolproof training schedule meant to keep you accountable and on track towards your goals.
With such a big change, let’s get into how My Plan works. We promise it’s easy.

Starting on My Plan

My Plan is part of both the Tempo Studio and mobile app experience.
Once your Tempo and the revamped accompanying app have updated, whichever you turn on first will prompt you with an onboarding questionnaire (even if you’ve been using your Tempo prior to this update).

You’ll be asked questions about your overall fitness goals, what days you’d prefer to train, how often, the duration of classes you prefer, and your experience level.
Once you’ve filled out that questionnaire, you’re all set! My Plan is now yours.

Getting to Know My Plan

The goal of My Plan is to keep you accountable, allow for more advanced weekly planning, and a custom-built workout schedule. My Plan accomplishes this in a few ways with how it’s structured:
Accountability: On both your Tempo and the app’s home-screens, you will be met with a weekly overview. In this view you’ll see which days you are scheduled to train (check out those white circles) and how far along you are to meeting your weekly workout goal.For instance, if your goal is to train Monday through Friday, you’ll see those days signified by a white circle. Once you complete a class, that day will be filled with a very satisfying check mark. If you happen to miss that day, an “x” will fill the circle.

Once you turn on your app or Tempo, this will be the first thing that you see and will be a reminder of how close you are to getting that weekly goal and developing a class “streak”.
Speaking of streaks, as you hit those weekly workout targets (which we know you will), you’ll develop streaks as well. Streaks not only let you know that you’re killing it (as if you didn’t know that already), but that your consistency has been...well consistent, week over week.

Advanced Planning: Your My Plan will be updated every week to ensure that you always know what will be happening in the next seven days.
Via your Tempo or your app’s homescreen, you’ll be able to tap on each day of the week to see what Tempo has in store for you so that you can plan accordingly. If you’re in a program, your Tempo will schedule out your program’s subsequent classes for you on the days that you’ve indicated that you’d like to train.
Your day’s class will also be queued up and ready to start as soon as you turn on your Tempo, so you’re really only a screen-tap away from getting into your workout for the day.

However, if you’d like some extra credit, simply scroll down past your day’s class, and choose an option to add to your workout plan, whether that’s a recovery class, a strength class, or even a challenge.
Having advanced notice of what classes you’ll be tackling for the week (and having the ability to add even more to it) means that you can be sure to prep your days as you need to — move work meetings, shift from a day to a night workout, or simply make sure you’re prepared for a ton of burpees with Coach Colby.
If you’re wondering how Live Classes fit into My Plan, you can still take these whenever you want to, and they’ll count as your workout for the day while your originally intended class will still be available for you to reschedule to a different day.

Bespoke schedule: My Plan structures each day around different focuses, ranging from full body, lower body, upper body, to recovery.
Tempo will both provide a focus for the day as well as a class type (strength training, HIIT, etc.) that are meant to push you even closer to your fitness goals that you mentioned in the onboarding questionnaire.
With your daily class (and any that you’ve added to your schedule), it will automatically be pulled up on your Tempo once it’s powered on, which means, getting into class is simply a couple screen taps away.
We often hear from the community that while there are hundreds of classes to choose from, it can be daunting to know which class to take and if it’s really the right class for you.
With My Plan, there is no more guessing, there’s just pressing the start button and getting your sweat on.

What's the Community Saying

"It's motivating to track my progress through the week and see what's coming up on the app or the Studio. I also appreciate that My Plan is prefilled with Program classes based on the days I've set up to work out" - Susan R.
"I Love being able to plan ahead and browse other classes. It's something I realized I didn't know that I wanted from Tempo." - Kimberlee B.

"I really enjoy the suggestions. Sometimes I really don’t want to think about what to do. Just want to jump in! It allows me to organize the week and know what to expect before hand!"
Javier P.

Why Did We Make My Plan

My Plan was created with you in mind.
On top of empowering our community through real-time form corrections, expert-led classes, and tracked fitness progress, My Plan made perfect sense as a natural progression. We think of My Plan as another tool that will make training that much easier, that much more effective, and that much more about you. Fitness is not a cookie-cutter journey, and your fitness journey with us shouldn’t be treated that way.
With that said, this is just a first iteration of My Plan and we’re already hard at work on further updates and improvements.
We want to hear from you. How can we make My Plan better? Please email us at social@tempo.fit to provide your feedback — we’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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