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How to Perform a Proper Push-up

Coach Clarence gives you four steps to a perfect push-up
How to Perform a Proper Push-up
Push-ups may not be winning any popularity contests, but they are an important foundational exercise. Push-ups develop strength in your chest, shoulders, triceps, and even your core (it's not easy holding that plank at the top of every rep!).

While they appear simple, there are a few things to remember to do a proper and effective push-up so that you're getting everything you can out of every rep – and doing it safely.

We've asked Coach Clarence to provide us with a step-by-step breakdown of how to do a push-up correctly. Once you've got each step down, try them out for yourself!

Step 1:

Place your hands directly beneath your shoulders and your feet hips distance apart.

Step 2:

Keep your core engaged. Don't let your hips dip or rise above your shoulders.

Step 3:

Keep your spine straight, lower your body until your chest nearly hits the floor.

Step 4:

When you hit your lowest depth, pause and then push straight up to resume the plank position.
Once you've mastered the traditional push-up, challenge yourself with other variations like an off-set push-up or tricep push-up. For Tempo athletes, find classes with chest and push-up focuses by choosing "Chest" in our muscle group class filter.

Interested in getting more step-by-step exercise breakdowns from our coaches? Let us know what you're looking for at community@tempo.fit. In the meantime, check-out our guide for a flawless lunge and burpee.


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