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Introducing the Stories of Strength Program Series

Train with 3 star athletes who prove no challenge is too big
Introducing the Stories of Strength Program Series
At Tempo, we believe that realizing your strength manifests itself in many ways, both on and off the mat. Whether that’s taking on a class you were too intimidated to do before, or facing an unexpected life challenge head on.
That is why we are so excited to introduce you to three trailblazing athletes who live and continue to exemplify our values. These athletes are pushing boundaries, redefining what makes them strong, and rising above the roadblocks that have been set before them.

Meet our Star Athletes


Jalen Suggs: Making his NBA debut just this past November, Jalen is a gifted basketball — and football — phenom whose years of hard
 work have landed him on basketball's biggest 
stage (or should we say court?) at the age of 20.

12.20.21 paul basog

Paul BasagoitiaA mountain biking legend, Paul suffered a devastating spinal injury which paralyzed him from the waist down. Through intense physical therapy, Paul found his way back onto two wheels in the form of electric bikes and is an inspirational figure to all athletes, especially those in the spinal cord injury community. He is the subject of HBO documentary, Any One of Us.

12.20.21 sarah fuller

Sarah FullerSarah is an accomplished athlete who has been playing soccer since she was five, and is currently goalkeeper for University of North Texas. Her talents don’t end with soccer though — she is the first woman to score in a Power Five Game (elite college football conference) and is encouraging girls to play sports and to get involved in with STEM opportunities.

The Tempo Stories of Strength Programs

As with our previous Tempo Games series, you’ll now have a chance to train with these world class athletes on your Tempo Studio and Tempo Move.
Each athlete will lead a mini-program that is four classes long and will focus on their individual areas of expertise and focus on sport-specific exercises and circuits. Expect a mix of strength training, HIIT, core work, and athletic skill drills with various timing structures to keep you challenged.
Accessible for most athletes of any skill level, our hope is that by training with these expert athletes you’ll not only break a sweat, but be inspired to realize your own strength and to do so on your own terms — just as they have.
Find the Stories of Strength Programs on the Programs tab of your Tempo. These programs are available to everyone in the Tempo community whether you have Tempo Studio or Tempo Move.



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