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Your Guide to Tempo Programs

Learn more about each of the programs in our growing library
Your Guide to Tempo Programs
Tempo programs are a great way to take the guesswork out of your daily fitness routine. Weeks-long with suggested working and resting days, Tempo programs lay out exactly how you should be training to achieve your personal goals.

And because fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all, our growing library of programs are tailored to align with a variety of goals whether that’s to put on muscle mass, lean out, or get acquainted with the basics.

Below we’re breaking down some of our most popular programs. You’ll learn what you can expect, and how you'll be challenging yourself.  If you’re looking for more recommendations or advice on which program to tackle, join us in the Tempo Facebook Group. Our community would love to help you out!

For Focusing on Your Overall Health:

Clarence 2 Week Better Me

2-Weeks to a Healthier Me with Coach Clarence

What to expect: A strong emphasis on proper form with detailed instruction and cues from Coach Clarence. While strength training will be the focal point of this program, you'll also be exposed to the other styles of classes that Tempo offers including HIIT and mobility-driven classes.

What you'll be doing: This program is three days per week. Coach Clarence will show you different strength and muscle-building techniques while playing with pace, tempo, and rep schemes. You’ll complete Lunges, Rows, Side-to-Side hops, core movements like Bear Plank Step Outs.

Jeremy 10 Day Yoga Reset

10 Day Yoga Reset with Yogi Jeremy

What to expect: We know that stress negatively affects health, work, relationships, and even training. This program helps you reduce stress and reset your nervous system to feel healthier and calmer. The classes are great to take later in the day when stress levels usually peak.

What will you be doing: Over the course of two weeks, Jeremy will guide you through classes to help you digest the day, clear old patterns, and release and renew. You’ll complete poses like Pigeon (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana), Warrior 2 to Low Lunge, Supported Wide Angle (Upavistha Konasana), and lots of Child’s Pose! 

Melissa 3 Week Bodyweight Foundation

3-Week Bodyweight Foundation with Coach Melissa

What to expect: This program is right for anyone looking to perfect theirbodyweight exercises and movements and/or want to lay the groundwork for more intense endurance and strength training.Expect lots of focus on proper technique and priming for what’s to come!

What you'll be doing: This is a three-day per week program. Throughout all nine classes, Coach Melissa will introduce you to movements you've possibly never done before. She’ll put you through circuits to test and challenge your endurance and strength.

4 week commit to your health coaches

4-Week Commit to Your Health with Coach Clarence, Coach Melissa, and Coach Jeremy

What to expect: This program helps you develop a movement habit by setting achievable goals and celebrating little wins along the way. When you're ready, these classes will help you build strength, conditioning, and flow to be the healthiest, most balanced version of you.

What you'll be doing: With 20, 22-minutes classes over four weeks, you’ll get the chance to work on your strength (think squats and chest press), your endurance (lateral lunges and burpees), and your mobility (salutations and vinyasas).

For Beginners to Strength Training:

Coach Alex 2 Week Strength Foundation

2-Week Strength Foundations with Coach Alex

What to expect: This program gives you the tools you need to build a solid foundation and may also be repeated until you fully understand each concept. You’ll learn to incorporate breathing work into your strength training, get back to the basics, focus on your "why," and have some fun!

What you'll be doing: This program has six classes over the course of two weeks. You’ll work with compound and isolation movements that have you focusing on squats & core, push & pull movements, and hinges & lunges. 

Coach Clarence 3 week Tempo kickoff

3-Week Tempo Kickoff with Coach Clarence

What to expect: Tempo Kickoff is an awesome fit for beginners who may not be familiar with strength training yet. This program focuses on equipment set up, technique, weight selections, and how to get the most out of your workouts.
What you'll be doing: During the three weeks of this program you’ll be training four times per week with two strength training days, one conditioning day, and one day of mobility/recovery. Note: you’ll need a Barbell for this program!

Coach Jonathan 2 Week Mighty

2-Week Beginner Strength: Mini but Mighty with Coach Jonathan

What to expect: Short, sweet, and to the point, this program teaches you the basics of getting stronger. Designed for brand new weightlifters, you'll leave feeling empowered and in control of your strength and fitness goals.

What you'll be doing: Just four classes over two weeks for back-to-basics strength training! You’ll master movements like curtsy lunges, chest presses, bent over wide rows, and offset squats.

Coach Cole 4 week Strength Foundation

4-Week Strength Foundation with Coach Cole
What to expect: Cole’s Strength Foundation is great for those really looking to up their strength training game. With a focus on compound movements with perfect form, core stability drills, and slow, controlled repetition, we guarantee your foundation will be strong.  Expect to balance strength and mobility, because Coach Cole knows how to push you and encourage you to slow down and get that body limber. 
What you'll be doing: This is a 7 days a week kind of program, with HIIT, strength training, and mobility classes to make sure you’re getting stronger, getting a good sweat in, and recovering as you need to. Note: you’ll need a Barbell for this program!

For Those Looking to Change It Up:

Coach Bryan in an athletic stance

2-Week Prep for Your 5K with Coach Bryan

What to expect: This program prepares your whole body and is a great one to repeat until you feel ready to hit the road. With fun assessment “runs” and helpful cues and tips, you can get ready to race standing in place!
What you'll be doing: You’ll take six classes over two weeks to help you build strength, speed, and endurance to take on a 5K. You’ll try out upper body movements like Arnold presses and pushups, and lower body movements like kneeling hip thrusts and donkey kicks.

Coach Jeremy Fully Alive hand over heart

2-Week Meditation Challenge: Fully Alive with Yogi Jeremy

What to expect: This program is perfect for those interested in meditation. Meditation is about savoring the sweetness of life’s passing moments, not sitting in silence. Ignite your presence, appreciation, and positive mood in 14 days!

What you'll be doing: The practices in this program help you experience life more fully in under 20 minutes a day. Challenge yourself to meditate every day for 2 weeks to see the magic it brings into your life!

Coach Colby in a boxing stance

3-Week Beginner Boxing and Core

What to expect: This program is all about helping beginner level athletes learn boxing while also improving stamina and endurance. It's low impact, making it perfect for anyone who's new to fitness or looking for a program that requires no weight-bearing exercises.

What you'll be doing: Over three weeks of classes, Colby will teach you to bob and weave, slip front and back, and hit all the boxing combos–all while also helping you improve strength, balance, and coordination.

Coach Alex in a side plank

4-Week Pilates Principles Pts. I & II with Coach Alex

What to expect: A solid foundation is key to improving strength, flexibility, and endurance. In this program you’ll learn the 6 principles of pilates that will add to your strength training. Breathing, pelvis placement, rib cage placement, shoulder movement/stabilization, head/neck placement and lower body mobility and stability will also help improve overall health.

What you'll be doing: This program is split into two parts, each with six classes over two weeks. You’ll learn traditional Pilates techniques such as roll ups, spine twists, leg circles, hip rolls, and more!

For When You Want to Feel Like an Athlete:

Coach Bryan in a high A-skip

2-Week MetCon Challenge with Coaches Bryan, Cole, Melissa, Colby, and Clarence

What to expect: Up for a challenge? Of course you are. This MetCon program is designed to put your heart, lungs, and muscles to the test. Use it as a jumpstart, a restart, or a quick check-in, and revisit it to see your progress!

What you'll be doing: Put yourself to the test with these nine milestone workouts. Bryan, Cole, Melissa, Colby, and Clarence will have you pushing yourself with EMOM (every minute on the minute) AMRAP (as many reps as possible), and bodyweight conditioning challenges.

Coach Melissa and Coach Bryan HeartCore

3-Week HeartCore with Coach Melissa and Coach Bryan

What to expect: A strong core helps you move better and stronger throughout all of your workouts. In this athletic conditioning program, Coaches Bryan and Melissa take you through a variety of workouts to help you define, strengthen, and mobilize your core. Add this to an existing strength building program to help drive faster results!

What you'll be doing: This is a progressive, 12-class, three-week program with a mix of Core Strength, HIIT, and Recovery sessions. Think: lots of side planks and crunches, high knees and speed skaters, and forward folds and cat-cows.

Coach Jonathan and Yogi Jeremy Strength and Resilience

4-Week Strength & Resilience Pts. I & II with Coach Jonathan and Yogi Jeremy

What to expect: In this program Coach Jonathan will lead you through anterior, posterior, and full-body lifts while Yogi Jeremy challenges you with power yoga moves meant to exhaust every muscle fiber and test your mental capacity to meet your edges.

What you'll be doing: We split this program into two parts: each with six classes over the course of two weeks. You’ll get to see Coach Jonathan struggle with balance and static holds (and challenge yourself to do the same), and try out movements like upright rows, alternating lateral lunges, and hammer curls with Yogi Jeremy.

Coach Colby and Coach Cole C-Squared

5-Week C Squared with Coach Colby and Coach Cole

What to expect: Want to get sweaty and increase that endurance? C Squared is the right program for you. Heavy compound lifts (think squats and deadlifts) mixed with a lot of bodyweight cardio (don't forget to wear your heart rate monitor and keep track of your heart rate zones!). There’s also a considerable amount of focus on core. You'll come out of this program better conditioned with increased strength and stability.

What you'll be doing: Five workouts per week that range from HIIT to mobility classes. Each session will get your heart pumping and give you a deep burn. Note: you’ll need a Barbell for this program!

For When It’s Time to Go All Out:

Coach Jonathan flexing

2-Week Upper Body Strength with Coach Jonathan

What to expect: Let's pump you up. This mini strength program teaches you advanced weightlifting techniques to help increase muscle size and strength with added time under tension, a deeper range of motion, and a heavy dose of pump.
What you'll be doing: In six classes over the course of two weeks, you’ll hit your upper body hard. Heavy chest presses, shoulder presses, flies, rows, curls–you name it! This program has got it.

Coach Jonathan doing curtsy lunges

2-Week Gain Lower Body Strength with Coach Jonathan

What to expect: Legs for Days! This program rotates through standard strength training, multi-directional movements, and plyometrics and mobility challenges to challenge your nervous system and help you tone muscle tone, gain strength, and become more mobile.

What you'll be doing: Another one of those short and sweet programs, Jonathan will help you destroy your lower body with six classes over two weeks. You’ll be squatting, lunging, jumping, and incorporating thrusters and goblet surrenders. This one will take a lot of will-power!

Coach Melissa doing a Barbell front squat

4-Week Shape Shift with Coach Melissa

What to expect: Shape Shift is a challenging option, even foradvanced athletes who already know the ins and outs of strength training. and are looking to achieve body recomposition. The goal of this program is to introduce body recomposition, and experiment with hypertrophy, pace, and intensity.

What you'll be doing: Five workouts per week that are purely strength-training based with recommended step counts outside of class. Note: you’ll need a Barbell for this program!

Colby doing speedskaters

6-Week Sculpt & Shred Remastered Pts. I & II with Coach Colby

What to expect: This program features strength training and HIIT to help improve muscle definition, shred body fat, and increase your athleticism. There are modifications for all fitness levels, this is still an intense program for the most dedicated athletes! With Part II, you’ll be pushed to build on your progress and accomplish the unthinkable–Colby will leave you dripping sweat!

What you'll be doing: Over six weeks, Coach Colby will bring you through 3-4 workouts weekly plus assessment days! It’s madness. You’ll be working on intense movements like jump squats, burpees, and speed skaters, and strength-building movements like B-stance deadlifts, low rows, and squats of all kinds.



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