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Your Guide to Tempo Programs

Learn more about each of the programs in our growing library

Date February 02, 2021
Author Patrick Wong

Tempo programs are a great way to take the guesswork out of your daily fitness routine. Weeks-long with suggested working and resting days, Tempo programs lay out exactly how you should be training to achieve your personal goals.

And because fitness isn’t one-size fit-all, our growing library of programs are tailored to align with a variety of goals whether that’s to put on muscle mass, to lean out, or to get acquainted with the basics.

Below we’re breaking down our programs into what you can expect, who they’re best suited for, and what our community has been saying about each program. If you’re looking for more recommendations or advice on which program to tackle, join us in the Facebook Group. Our community would love to help you out!

4-Week Kickstarter with Coach Natalia

Who’s this best for: Coach Natalia’s program is great for beginners who are embarking on their fitness journey and are looking to establish a baseline fitness and learn the basics. Kickstarter is also well-suited for athletes who may have taken some time off and are wanting to get back into the swing of things.

What to expect: Fun! Coach Natalia brings all the good vibes while introducing you to all of the types of classes and workouts you can expect from your Tempo and will focus on helping you build consistency and that daily fitness habit. While this is a program aimed at beginners, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be working hard — expect to be challenged and drop a few pounds and start feeling stronger (and yourself) while you’re at it!

What will you be doing: Over the four weeks, you’ll be training five days a week, with two strength-training classes, one conditioning class, and two recovery/mobility classes.

What the community says:

“It has been great for me as I haven't done strength training in years!” - Tracie Marie

“Completed kickstarter program with Coach Natalia and I loved it. “ - Victor Mathieu

“Started Coach Natalia's 4-week Kickstarter program because I needed a reset and absolutely love how she walks you through each exercise!” - Rhonda Hadnot

Next up?: Coach Clarence’s 3 Week Tempo Kickoff

3 Week Tempo Kickoff with Coach Clarence

Who’s this best for: Tempo Kickoff is an awesome fit for those beginners who are active but may not be familiar with strength training and the equipment, technique, timing structures, and exercises involved.

What to expect: Coach Clarence will bring you through a good amount of barbell and dumbbell exercises as well working on your mobility, so that you’ll be up to speed on strength training best practices and ready to tackle more Tempo classes outside of this program. An added bonus is Coach Clarence’s words of wisdom and always motivational words to help you get in that last rep.

What will you be doing: During the three weeks of this program you will be training four times per week with two strength training days, one conditioning day, and one day of mobility/recovery.

What the community says:

“I’m so happy, I love the program, and Clarence is an awesome coach who explains everything so well!” - Stefie Correa

“As someone who used to lift as my primary form of exercise I found it a great foundation for strength and endurance, and some helpful form reminders too, that I think has helped me in doing the much more intense classes offered” - James Valentine

"I did it because I was out of motivated me to get into a routine." - Michelle Harman

Next Up?: Try Coach Natalia’s Kickstarter program or advance to Coach Melissa’s Six Week Build.

6 Week Build with Coach Melissa

Who’s this best for: If you’re an intermediate athlete who’s looking to put on muscle mass and get stronger, this program’s for you. You should already be comfortable with strength training.

What to expect: The Build program is all about hypertrophy (or muscle-growth), so you and your weights and dumbbells/barbells will become great friends. Expect to see plenty of the Tempo fundamental movements: this program is all about hammering home the most common movement patterns and preparing you for more advanced programs. The fourth week of this program is a deload week meant for lifting a bit lighter and taking things a bit easier to avoid injury. As you progress through Build, your classes will all build and get longer and longer and more challenging.

What will you be doing: Each week of this six week program will have six classes that will cycle between full body, upper body, core, full body, lower body, and mobility/recovery.

What the community says:

“I am lifting heavier than I ever did on my own…” - Megan Little Roarke

"It’s tough but really good." - Venessa Perkins

Next up?: Try the 6 Week Sculpt & Shred, 6 Week Off-Season Athlete, The Shape Shift or take the program again to work on getting even stronger.

6 Week Sculpt & Shred with Coach Colby

Who’s this best for: Advanced athletes who really want to get their sweat on! Take on Sculpt & Shred if you want to lean out and drop excess fat and are a fan of boutique classes like Barry’s and want to burn a ton of calories.

What to expect: An intense program, you’ll be pushed in this program with a lot of high-intensity interval training that will kick your butt and leave you dripping sweat.

What will you be doing: Over these six weeks, Coach Colby will be bringing you through 3-4 workouts weekly that are all HIIT and conditioning based.

What the community says:

"I loved sculpt & shred...thinking about going back for round 2" - Devon Moon

"I’ve never felt stronger! Ah-mazingggggg program. Feeling super proud of my accomplishments." - Robyn Lanci

"Sculpt and Shred...takes you to that next level! " - Kim Hew Len

Next up?: Take a week off to recover (try recovery/mobility classes) and then either go for 6 Week Fight Camp or 6 Week Off-Season Athlete

6 Week Off-Season Athlete with Coaches Bryan and Melissa

Who’s this best for: Like the name implies, this program is great for advanced athletes looking to train like athlete. You’ll focus on strength and endurance alongside developing your agility, balance, and overall mind-body connection. If you’re looking to take your game to the next level (and see some body composition changes while you’re at it), join the team.

What to expect: A mix of classes that range from SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) training, hypertrophy, conditioning, and mobility classes.

What will you be doing: 4-6 classes per week with different athletic focuses in each class.

What the community says:

“Covid has affected [my son’s] hockey season, but he’s working with Coach Melissa and Coach Bryan doing Off-Season Athlete so he’ll be ready to hit the ice ASAP.” - Heidi Weyhmueller-Gaspin

"They kicked my butt, but man was it worth it! - Rasuwl Walls

"As a volleyball player, I found the heavy lateral movements super helpful to keep my knees and ankles healthy and ready to hit the court again someday soon!" - Kylee Brock

Next up?: Take a week to recover and go for 4-Week The Shape Shift. Off-Season Athlete can be completed 2-3 times per year.

4 Week Breakthrough with Coach Natalia

Who’s this best for: This program is best for intermediate athletes who may feel stuck in a rut or feeling a little bored with their routine. Coach Natalia and her infectious energy along with a wide variety of exercises in her classes has you covered with Breakthrough. You’ll learn to love and find the joy of movement again!

What to expect: A healthy mix of the types of classes that Tempo has to offer, all designed to help you break through any mental and physical barriers and relight that fire.

What will you be doing: 3 classes per week, all 50+ minutes long each ranging from mobility, HIIT, and strength training.

What the community says:

"I’m loving the program — the commitment to mobility and the connection between our body and the movement." - Jessica Wickes DeCanio

“I have to say I’m proud of how I did...Coach Natalia you kinda killed me but you also made it fun!” - Michy Gonzo

Next up?: Try an other intermediate program from this list!

4 Week Strength Foundation with Coach Cole

Who’s this best for: Beginners who need an introduction to strength training and how to be successful with it.

What to expect: A lot of strength training, as you might expect, plus a big emphasis on core work though slow and controlled reps and compound movements.

What will you be doing: This is a 7 days per week kind of program, with HIIT, strength training, and mobility classes to make sure you’re getting stronger, getting a good sweat in, and recovering as you need to.

What the community says:

"Just finished my final day in the 4 Week Strength Foundation program. I loved it and really felt like I have improved." - Eric Steele

"After many years of strength training, I didn’t lift for about a year due to health issues and injuries. Enjoying it thus far!" - Deb Savage Kipp

"Can't believe how fast this program has flown by! Definitely have gotten significantly stronger." - Lacy Miller

Next up?: Try Coach Clarence’s Kickoff program or any other intermediate program based on your goals.

4 Week A Better Me! with Coach Clarence

Who’s this best for: Intermediate athletes who are either starting their fitness journey over, or are looking to feel mentally and emotionally reinvigorated and inspired to tackle their next stage of their fitness.

What to expect: To be working hard but taking the time to reflect on you, your body and fitness, and how you feel. You’ll spend a lot of time listening to Coach Clarence’s words of wisdom and will leave the program feeling stronger — having tested your limits — and with a deeper understanding of yourself.

What will you be doing: You’ll be training 4 days per week with primarily HIIT style and recovery/mobility classes.

What the community says:

"Feel awesome. Much more motivated, and stronger than I was." - Chad Zappia

"Thanks Coach and those pushing me on the leaderboard to do my very best." - Brady Miller

Next up?: Try Coach Colby’s Sculpt & Shred if you’re looking for shedding excess fat or Coach Melissa’s Build if looking to put on muscle. You can also tackle any other intermediate program based on your goals.

4 Week Gym Class with Coach Bryan

Who’s this best for: Intermediate athletes (or athletes who are right in between beginner and intermediate) who are wanting to deepen their understanding of agility and movement all in a fun throwback gym class class vibe.

What to expect: Coach Bryan will be providing a lot of education as well as benchmark classes (like his version of “running the mile”) to empower you to see measurable results through all of the hard work you’re putting in.

What will you be doing: A comprehensive 4-7 workouts per week to give you a varied workout daily with time to rest and recover.

What the community says:

"My favorite thing about the classes is that there’s that athletic spin on it. I love anything that requires focusing on coordination." - Kristie McCrary Kambourakis

"Thank you Coach Bryan for pushing me. At first I met last week’s numbers for air squats and then Coach Bryan said “keep up with me”. Well, I was able to improve in all 4 exercises. So happy I am getting stronger. "- Pamela Shorkey

Next up?: Try Off Season Athlete or any other intermediate program based on your goals.

4 Week Boxing Camp with Coach Colby

Who’s this best for: Put up your dukes and head into this intermediate to advanced program who want a string of sweaty of classes and getting a taste for boxing.

What to expect: To put in a lot of HIIT work which means a lot of sweat, plus a mix of strength, core, and recovery classes to keep things well-rounded — all while getting to learn boxing from Coach Colby.

What will you be doing: You’ll have 6 workouts per week, designed to be done twice a day over 3 days.

What the community says:

"I had a ton of fun and really like the schedule as it lets me have off days to run!" - Katelyn Biggs Moon

"Badass! Ready to take on the world!" - Susan Robbins

Next up?: Off Season Athlete or Sculpt & Shred.

4 Week The Shape Shift with Coach Melissa

Who’s this best for: Advanced athletes who already know the ins and outs of strength training and are looking to achieve body recomposition.

What to expect: A lot of hypertrophy (muscle-building) based workouts mixed with mobility. You’ll experiment with pace and intensity to achieve your results.

What will you be doing: Five workouts per week that are purely strength-training based with recommended step counts outside of class.

What the community says:

"So far I've done 2 new moves I've never dare to try before, and that's why I'm really loving the program. Feeling challenge in every class." - Catalina G Keding

"Feeling so accomplished today as I have been gradually starting to add heavier weights." - Lisa Santiago

"Each week never gets easier, but I am absolutely loving this program!!!! Coach Melissa pushing me with each and every rep!" - Felicia Phillips

Next up?: Off Season Athlete, or build your own workouts from the on-demand library. The Shape Shift should be completed quarterly!

5 Week C-Squared with Coaches Cole and Colby

Who’s this best for: Intermediate athletes who are looking to improve their endurance and build core strength (while being super sweaty and burning a lot of calories while they're at it).

What to expect: Heavy compound lifts (think squats and deadlifts) mixed with a lot of bodyweight cardio (don't forget to wear your heart rate monitor and keep track of your heart rate zones!) with a lot of focus on core. You'll come out of this program better conditioned with increased strength and stability.

What will you be doing: Five workouts per week that will range from HIIT and mobility classes that will get your heart pumping and give you a deep burn.

What the community says:

"I can't even explain the improvements in my cardio and endurance. If those are your goals, do yourself a favor and get in this program!" - Devon Moon

"Down 5 pounds, lost 2 inches in the hips and waist, my thighs are a 0.5 inch bigger. Both my BMI and body fat percentages are down as well. Coach Cole and Colby definitely made me harder to kill." - Rose-Ann Hall

Next up?: Take a week to recover and considering joining a more strength-based program like Coach Melissa's Shape Shift or Coach Bryan's Gym Class programs!

6 Week Functional Fitness with Coaches Bryan and Natalia

Who’s this best for: Intermediate and advanced athletes who are looking to elevate their athleticism with classes strongly focused on building coordination and precision in your movements and exercises as well as athletic conditioning.

What to expect: Like the name implies, this program focuses heavily on functional fitness training, meaning you'll do a lot of work that replicates and simulates everyday movements you'll encounter in your daily life — and make you better at them. The goal is to make living your life even easier so that you can take on even more.

What will you be doing: You'll have five active days per week that will span coordination training and precision fitness (to improve efficiency in new and existing movements) as well as core work and conditioning. Classes will run you through coordination skills, unilateral exercises, and animal flows — you'll definitely pick up some new fun skills and exercises.

What the community says:

This is a completely new program — more from our community soon!

Next up?: Depending on your goals, joining a more strength-based program like Coach Melissa's Shape Shift could be a great way to continue developing the strength in your newly sharpened exercises.

2 Week Intro to Strength with Coach Clarence

Who’s this best for: Beginner athletes who are new to dumbbell training and looking to get a fuller understanding of what strength training is like with Tempo, or all-level athletes who want a refreshed on fundamental lifts with perfect form.

What to expect: A strong emphasis on proper form with detailed instruction and cues from Coach Clarence. While strength training will be the focal point of the program, you'll also be exposed to the other styles of classes that Tempo offers including HIIT-focused and mobility driven classes.

What will you be doing: Coach Clarence will be with you three days per week and will show you different strength and muscle-building techniques like tempo and reps-based circuits and more intense higher intensity workout plans. You'll be challenged, but you'll still be getting detailed instruction on how to do all lifts properly.

What the community says:

This is a completely new program — more from our community soon!

Next up?: To take it up a notch, try Coach Melissa's Shape Shift to continue with higher level strength training. If this program felt on the cusp of being too challenging, try Coach Cole's Strength Foundations program for a more extended program focused on strength training fundamentals.

3 Week Bodyweight Foundations with Head Coach Melissa

Who’s this best for: Beginner athletes who are getting acquainted with bodyweight exercises and movements and/or who want to lay the groundwork for more intense endurance and strength training.

What to expect: Head Coach Melissa will take you through classes that focus on proper technique when it comes to a variety of bodyweight exercises and movements and prime you for what's to come.

What will you be doing: This is a three-day per week program. Throughout all nine classes, Head Coach Melissa will introduce you to movements you've possibly never done before and put you through circuits to test and challenge your endurance and strength so that you can take on even more in future classes and programs.

What the community says:

This is a completely new program — more from our community soon!

Next up?: Consider taking Coach Clarence's 2 Week Intro to Strength or Coach Cole's Strength Foundations to get a handle on strength training with weights.

Author Patrick Wong
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