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A New Way to Track Your Progress

Know how every class gets you closer to your fitness goals
A New Way to Track Your Progress
We’re excited to share a new and easier way to quantify all that hard work that you’re putting in on the mat.

Depending on your personal fitness goal — whether it’s to get stronger, improve definition, lose weight, or get healthier — you’ll see different post-class metrics that are key to your goals: Strength Sets, which indicate how many heavy weighted exercises you completed by muscle group; Calories, as calculated by our algorithm; Intensity Minutes, that tracks how many minutes in heart rate zones 3-5; and Active Minutes, which is how much time you spent moving your body over the course of a week.
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Tempo will also give you a target to hit for one to two of these metrics as they pertain to your goal. For instance, if you’re looking to get stronger, you’ll be challenged to hit a certain number of strength sets every week.
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You’ll notice that before each class, you’ll get to see what metrics that class will help you fulfill and by how much. After class, you’ll get to see how much your hard work paid off.
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We hope that by using this new feature, you’ll be able to not only understand your progress more deeply, but train in a way that makes the most sense for you. With these new metrics, you'll know precisely how every class you take gets you closer to our goal.
Any questions or feedback on this new feature? Shoot us a note at hello@tempo.fit — we'd love to hear!
Please note that these metrics are currently only available for the Tempo Studio and Android app users. Our team is actively working on implementing this metric for Tempo Move and iOS app users and will be released soon.