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Creating Mindfulness with Guest Coach Mia Rose.

Our new guest coach Mia Rose sat down with Coach Clarence to talk about her journey into Yoga, hitting your Tempo app on January 15th!
Creating Mindfulness with Guest Coach Mia Rose.

Tempo's newest Yogi, Guest Coach Mia Rose

One of the best offerings Tempo has is our ability to connect users from all over the country to incredible coaches whose expertise varies across all types of training. From yoga and pilates to HIIT and strength training, Tempo coaches have the opportunity to guide users from the comfort of their homes. Our coaches become that familiar voice that pushes and motivates them to sweat it out and become the best version of themselves on the mat.

Our latest addition to the coaching team, Mia Rose, is just as exceptional as our outstanding Tempo coaches. Bringing her distinctive style and a mindful approach to fitness, Mia Rose adds a unique flavor to our sessions. In addition to her expertise in general fitness, she specializes in yoga! At Tempo, we believe that yoga complements strength training through increased flexibility, better range of motion and muscle activation, and better balance.

Coach Clarence had a conversation with Mia Rose, delving into topics such as health, wellness, and her fitness journey to uncover the special significance of Yoga in her life. Read on to learn more and check out Mia Rose’s new collection of Yoga classes, hitting your Tempo on January 15th! 

Fitness Coach Mia Rose

Hi Mia Rose! We’re so excited to finally bring another Yogi to our platform here at Tempo. To get started, can you tell us how you got started in fitness?

  • Sure thing! My fitness journey started as a young child playing year-round competitive sports and trying to keep up with my four brothers! I played collegiate soccer in NC until my health took a turn and I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Following the recommendation of my doctors, I tried out yoga to support my body's healing process and still experience the thrill of accomplishing a challenge. After my first-ever yoga class, I signed up for a 200-hour teacher training program and fell in love with the process of adapting and growing through mindful and intentional movement.

Wow. Thats incredible. You hear about so many people using fitness to prevent or stave off injury and illness but it sounds like your journey with yoga came as a result of something you were already going through. 

  • YES! I got started with yoga in hopes of healing my body from illness and injuries, as I was eager to return to my active lifestyle. When my physical abilities shifted, my goals naturally evolved. Yoga became the catalyst for change in my life, as I was re-learning how to support and challenge my physical body while prioritizing my emotional and mental health. I started teaching yoga nearly ten years ago, and found that my practice continues to develop on the mat and translate off the mat. 

I find that most people who commit to their health and fitness and stick with it, find the growth and change that they need. Do you feel like you’ve felt or seen a change in your life since starting your yoga practice?

  • Definitely. SO many changes!! Since incorporating yoga into my routine, I have gained more body awareness and compassion towards my physical capabilities and limitations. I feel more confident when exploring new exercise modalities or athletic objectives. Even more, I recognize when I crave a more restorative practice and honor when I need rest! As someone who is naturally energetic and spontaneous, I find that yoga serves as a therapeutic tool that quiets my mind and helps me process stressors. Yoga has also led me to such beautiful communities in Atlanta, Charlotte, San Francisco, and London! My local studios have become foundations of friendly support whenever I need to realign and reset!

That’s really cool. I’m interested to know when you first started taking yoga classes, were you intimidated or scared that you wouldn’t be “good” at it? I know so many people, myself included, who often feel different movement patterns like yoga are going to be too challenging. What would you say to those people who feel intimidated or scared to try yoga for fear of failure?

  • I would say to them, Yoga is for EVERY body! There are so many different practices of yoga, so I encourage you to explore the style that suits your needs and goals. When I first started yoga, I was in the midst of recovery - so I modified nearly every posture. I personally believe a healthy amount of discomfort leads to personal growth and confidence. If you're intimidated to start, a private practice from the comfort of your house (with Tempo!) may be your inviting introduction!

That’s great advice. I especially love the note about trying it with Tempo from the comfort of home. While we’re on that topic, (wink-wink) what was it that drew you to Tempo?

  • I was first introduced to Tempo during the pandemic when going to a boutique studio was unfortunately not a viable option. Tempo offered the perfect solution to work out from the comfort of my house while experiencing the benefits of personal training within an enthusiastic community. I was eager to join Tempo and share my experience in the fitness industry and hopefully encourage more members to explore the benefits of yoga!

I couldn’t agree more! Now, while yoga is your specialty, you are also certified in other styles of training as well, correct?

  • Correct. After I completed my yoga training, I dove into personal training and group exercise instruction as well. Ten years later, I am even more passionate about sharing in a communal fitness experience and challenging my body with a variety of exercise modalities.

Do you feel like learning those other modalities helped you in your fitness journey? 

  • Absolutely! Yoga complements everything and all the things! I love strength training, cycling, running, boxing, pilates! To prime myself for cardio and weight-lifting workouts, I love building heat and awareness with Vinyasa yoga. To wind down and recover from high-volume workouts, I incorporate Yin or Deep Stretch classes into my routine.

That’s great advice. It’s actually something I’m trying to focus on more as I get older and want to keep my body moving efficiently. Hopefully, our users take that advice. Speaking of the Tempo community, what can they expect from a Mia Rose class? What would you say your teaching style is?

  • I would describe my teaching style as athletic, dynamic, and progressive! In my class users can expect empowering cues to build confidence on the yoga mat! My goal is to help them feel more connected to their breath and the movements, so they can move with heightened body awareness and appreciation. I want to help users understand their body's mental and physical capabilities, so they feel inspired to embrace change on and off the mat. Most importantly, I hope users have fun taking my class! Get comfortable with being UNcomfortable!


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