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How Tempo Member Evelyn Irving Trains in a Week

From the mat to the courts — how she ups her tennis game
How Tempo Member Evelyn Irving Trains in a Week
Our Tempo Diaries series takes a deep dive into a week in the life of one of our Tempo community members. We get a look at why they train, how they train, and what they get from their Tempo workouts.
Here’s a week in the life of Evelyn “Ev” Irving based in California who after discovering a love for tennis has been consistently using her Tempo to train for her many tennis matches and tournaments. According to Ev, her teammates have noticed a huge change in her on-the-court abilities. Here’s how Ev trains to be an ace on the court and helped take her team, the Ball Busters, to win the San Diego Women’s Tennis Championship.
Having never played any sports growing up, I found the game of tennis at the age of 47. Within three years I began competing and soon learned that tennis is a rigorous sport. I learned that cross-training was vital but basically struggled with consistency in exercise. For years — before COVID — I had a personal trainer, but now, with my Tempo, I have a smorgasbord of Trainers. It’s like having Lobster Buffet one day, and prime rib the other. And with my turning the big “6-0” this year, it is important that I do everything I can to stay fit. Especially since I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was 16 years old. My motivation has always been to play great tennis and avoid injury, and at 60 years old, I want to last! Tempo has given me this and so much more!
My weekly Tempo flow is dynamic and very much driven by my tennis activity for the week. As I am on several tennis teams I typically practice and/or compete 3-4 times per week. Along with my tennis activity, I obviously also train with Tempo. I am currently enrolled in Coach Natalia’s Kickstarter (or as I called it “Kick-my-butt Starter”) program. I aim to take two program classes per week alongside a couple recovery, mobility, or yoga classes to help me recover (both mentally and physically) after tough workouts on the mat or on the court. Overall I try to hit a weekly workout goal of four classes.
It works for me!

Monday – Rest (Look at the Tempo and procrastinate)
Tuesday – I’ll continue one of the programs that I started. Right now, I’m in Natalia’s Kickstarter program and I’ve finished the first three weeks. I will finish, but at my own pace.
Wednesday –I know that I need to get a class in so that I’m not trying to play catch up towards the end of the week in keeping my streak. On this day I typically have a 1-hour private tennis lesson followed by a mobility class. If I’m having sciatica issues I love doing Melissa’s Mobility 101: Unlock Your Hinge” 7-minute quickie. I found and fell in love with Colby’s 30m Recovery: Athletic Release class, too. With those two classes I just slayed sciatica pain!
Thursday – Weekly Tennis Team Practice – My team has team practice every Thursday for 1.5 hours. After practice I enjoy classes like Clarence’s 20 Full Body Recovery: Filling the Tank. Clarence always gets me right!
Friday – I usually go play “Friday Night Live” – our weekly tennis mixer. I will pick up a class if I’ve missed a day, otherwise, this is a rest day after the mixer.


Saturday – I really enjoy spending time with Cole and Mr. Foamie Rollout (20m Full Body Recovery: Foamie Rollout), especially if I hit the courts in the morning. If I don’t hit the courts, it’s the perfect time to pick back up on the Kickstarter program. If I happen to miss more classes during the week, I may throw in another class.

Sunday – Team Tennis Match Day. Post-Match Mobility Class is typically where I’m going. I will initially look for something 20 minutes or less. One of my favorites is Bryan’s 13m Full Body Mobility: Meet Mo Bility. After a sip of Bryan, I will usually follow that with another class like Jeremy’s 7m Full Body Energizer – boy did the family run and hide after that! By today, I usually have at least 4 classes in, often more, and the steak is alive! I love watching it roll over to the next week! Bam!


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