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How to Begin a Workout Routine While Pregnant

Hey, Mom! Stay healthy and keep your little one happy.
How to Begin a Workout Routine While Pregnant
Did you just find out that you’re pregnant? Congratulations! This is going to be an exciting time in your life. Knowing that you’ve got a bun in the oven, you might be interested in making some lifestyle changes to take care of your little one. If you want to stay active during your pregnancy but have been mostly inactive prior to this, how can you safely start an exercise routine?
In this blog, we’ll go over the need-to-know details. In particular, you should:
➤ Talk to your doctor first
➤ Choose a low-impact workout
➤ Know the exercises to avoid
➤ Be aware of warning signs

Talk to Your Doctor First

Before you make any significant lifestyle changes during your pregnancy, it’s important to have at least a quick chat with your physician. One of the main reasons for this is that, as it should, exercise places additional stress on your heart, lungs, and muscles. And if your body is experiencing it, then to some degree, the baby is likely experiencing it too. This could be even more significant if you were inactive prior to your pregnancy.
And this is going to especially be the case if your doctor is foreseeing any complications or a high-risk pregnancy. This whole process needs to be tailored to you! Write down any questions and concerns in advance so that you’re prepared for your appointment.
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Choose a Low-Impact Workout

Once you’re cleared by your doctor to start an exercise routine during your pregnancy, you can start to figure out exactly what that looks like. The goal is to stick with movements that are low-impact. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Walking

Walking might not seem like it could do all that much, but science says otherwise. 
Multiple times, research has found that walking at a low or vigorous intensity can benefit both the mom and the fetus. Even if you’re not able to do other physical activities, walking can be a great alternative. Whether it’s on a treadmill or around the neighborhood, getting in some extra steps can be amazing for maternal health. Your exercise routine doesn’t need to be complicated to work!

2. Swimming

Swimming is an effective but low-impact and gentle way to exercise during pregnancy. Research suggests that swimming can counter potential decreases in fitness during pregnancy while keeping the mom’s blood pressure, pulse, and fetal heart rate response within normal limits.
Swimming requires almost constant movement without putting the body under too much stress. It’s gentle on the joints, too. This makes it a great workout when you’re pregnant.
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3. Yoga

You probably don’t need us to tell you that yoga offers many benefits for both your physical and mental health. But what about expectant mothers? Practicing yoga during pregnancy could lead to higher levels of comfort during labor and two hours after, plus reduced pain and perceived stress. It can even improve birth weight and decrease the chance of preterm labor.
And one of the best parts is that you don’t even need a membership to a yoga studio. If you have enough space to lay down, you can do it right at home.

4. Pilates

Practicing Pilates during pregnancy could be beneficial for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases that are likely to affect women during this time in their lives. Research further suggests that it can help to improve your blood pressure, make labor easier, and decrease the likelihood of having a cesarean, an obstructed labor, and an episiotomy.

5. Light Strength Training

Strength training is good for just about everyone, and that includes pregnant women. Low- to moderate-intensity strength training is safe and effective during pregnancy. Combined with aerobic exercise, the benefits can be even greater.
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Know the Exercises to Avoid

Now that you have a few ideas for how to exercise and keep your body moving during pregnancy, let’s talk about a few things to avoid in your routines. (This is another good conversation to have with your doctor!)
Generally, you want to stay away from:
➤ Exercises that require you to lay on your back for several minutes at a time, particularly later in your pregnancy
➤ Anything that puts too much pressure on your pelvic floor, like heavy squats
➤ Sudden twisting
➤ Rapid changes in direction
➤ Holding your breath
➤ Exercises that require you to jump, hop, skip, or bounce
➤ Anything high-impact
➤ Intense, sudden, heavy bursts of exercise followed by lengthy periods of inactivity

Be Aware of the Warning Signs

Yes, exercise is meant to place (healthy) stress on the body. However, during your pregnancy, there are a few red flags to watch out for:
➤ Chest pain
➤ Heart palpitations
➤ Feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or faint
➤ Cramps in your lower abdomen
➤ Headache
Swelling, particularly in the face, hands, or feet
➤ Contractions
➤ Change in the baby’s movements
➤ Trouble walking
➤ Vaginal bleeding or leakage of amniotic fluid
➤ Shortness of breath, fatigue, or muscle weakness that seems excessive
➤ Severe pain in your back or pelvis area
If you ever experience any of these while you’re working out, stop immediately and rest.

Getting Started with Tempo

Does managing exercise during your pregnancy require some special considerations? Absolutely. Is it still possible to do it safely and effectively, even if you were previously inactive? Yes!
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Your pregnancy is unique, and your exercise routine should be too. Train with Tempo today for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and postnatal journey.



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