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Introducing Yoga and Head Yogi Jeremy Falk

See how Tempo will revolutionize the practice
Introducing Yoga and Head Yogi Jeremy Falk
Since Tempo landed in the homes of our members in 2020, our community has consistently asked: “When will Tempo have yoga?”
We’re excited to announce that today is the day! We’ve launched 12 new classes designed to increase flexibility, balance, and power. Launched in beta, this series will soon incorporate instant form feedback using 3D Tempo Vision — the first of its kind in home yoga classes to provide this level of detail and attention to form. Tempo’s 3D AI form feedback alongside expertly designed classes will give our members the assurance that they’re training safely with a world-class yogi at the helm, all while never leaving the home and regardless of skill level.
Leading those classes is our new Head Yogi, Jeremy Falk. A master of the movement arts, Jeremy has over 15 years of experience as a yoga instructor and personal trainer. He’s studied the practice of yoga in India and traveled the U.S. and London with Yoga Journal. His mission is to inspire people to feel grounded, resilient, and fully alive.
Jeremy will be growing our library of yoga classes which will be classified into four categories:

Vinyasa Flow:
Great balance of strength and flexibility, offering a cathartic experience with more fluidity of movement.
Focused on building physical and mental strength with longer holds to challenge isometric (engaging/contracting a muscle without movement) endurance.
Emphasis on building flexibility with little challenge in order to relax the nervous system and release stress.
A beginner series that’s great for members who have little to no experience in yoga.

While Jeremy is hard at work growing our yoga content, we took some time to meet with him. He shared what inspired him to study yoga, his teaching style, and why he thinks everyone could benefit from incorporating yoga into their fitness routines.
Q: Tell us a bit more about yourself.
JF: I grew up in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California, in the home my mom was raised in since she was 16 years old. As a youth, I loved playing sports — way more than watching them on TV. I grew up participating in soccer, snowboarding, track, and cross country. Being physically active was something essential as it helped me overcome childhood asthma.
Q: Playing all of those sports, what inspired you to study yoga?
JF: In high school, I always loved going to the gym for the endorphin rush, enhanced mood, and the strength I felt in my body. A roommate persistently invited me to hot yoga in college, and I kept declining because I much preferred to run and lift weights.
I finally accepted his invitation one day and was utterly humbled. There I was, a lean muscular 19 year old, trembling, shaking, sweating profusely, and damn near falling over. All around me, I saw people of all ages and body shapes who were composed and regulated. I immediately realized there was more to health than how I approached it and wanted to learn more.
Q: So how did you get started with studying yoga?
JF: After college, I became a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer because fitness helped me overcome my limitations and I’ve always wanted to help people be their best. I spent six years working one-on-one with private clients and teaching group fitness classes in LA. I loved seeing how I was improving people’s lives, and I quickly wanted more tools at my disposal.
I became interested in studying holistic health, and in my 20s I decided to save money for my dream backpacking trip across Europe and Asia. It was part youthful wanderlust and part wellness training. I got certified in Thai Massage in Thailand, and in India, I got certified in yoga and meditation. During my yoga teacher training, we practiced every day for 30 days, starting at 5 am. Each day was full of breathwork, asana practice, and philosophy.
It was the first time I had practiced yoga more consistently than the occasional sweat between workouts. I felt like I was floating around the Himalayas with a deep sense of peace and a renewed sense of wonder for life. I knew this was something I was meant to share back in the States because so many Westerners are stressed out, eroding our quality of life.
Q: How would you describe your teaching style?
JF: My classes offer a challenging, cathartic, and meditative experience grounded in ancient wisdom and evolved with a playful spirit. I enjoy making things accessible while also inviting people to meet their edges because that’s where the growth happens.

Q: Given your experiences with yoga, why do you think it's important for our community to incorporate yoga into their fitness routines?

JF: Yoga is very multidimensional, and the increased strength, flexibility, and stress management are some of the fantastic aspects you’ll quickly notice. You’re using your own body instead of equipment, and you’re not competing with anyone. In yoga, you’re studying yourself. You’re looking at how to optimize your approach to various situations. Sometimes there’s something to be gained from pushing yourself. Sometimes there’s something to be gained from realizing you don’t actually need to.
I find it helps a lot with how comfortable and skillful I am at inhabiting my own body and mind. Since yoga incorporates power, peace, endurance, concentration, and breath control, it helps us keep a well-rounded health profile. This is especially important because it’s easy to forget the bigger picture if your fitness routine focuses on particular goals. Yoga helps you feel better all around.

Q: How does practicing yoga translate to benefits in our community’s daily lives?
JF: There are so many ways the benefits of yoga show up in daily life. One of the angles I find most helpful is increasing our long-term resilience. In a challenging yoga practice, we’re asking, “Can I do a tough, stressful, and difficult thing while keeping my breath steady and my heart rate under control? Can I operate in a productive yet relaxed performance zone for long periods? Can I stay calm in the chaos and do more in the long run by not burning out right now?” These are highly valuable skills to have.
Through this training style, our mind and our nervous system start to have less stress and anxiety over the usual things, which means more room for pleasure. We find ourselves more patient and kind because we’ve practiced staying calm under pressure in certain poses. Next time we’re in a tense situation at work, having an argument with a partner, or tackling errands with our kids running in circles, we notice that we’re calm, focused, grounded, and even in a pleasant mood. This is largely from the use of breath and concentration that makes yoga unique.
Just imagine if the people you encountered daily were also feeling calm, grounded, and pleasant. Instead of stepping over each other in the rat race, we might be inclined to lend a helping hand more often. It’s a win-win for everyone.
Q: Obviously there’s a lot of good that can come from practicing yoga, but for some it can be intimidating. What advice would you give to someone completely new to yoga?
JF: Beginners often think they’re not flexible enough to do yoga properly or that the whole thing is some synchronized dance performance, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The truth is that your yoga practice’s measure has little to do with flexibility, although that is an enjoyable byproduct.
Yoga is a mindset. It’s how you participate with something. Instead of getting frustrated and comparing yourself to others for not making the same shape, it’s saying: “Ok, here’s what I've got to work with on the table today. I’m going to work with it sincerely, honestly, sustainably, and productively. I’m going to enjoy the progress without having my happiness depend upon it.” So if you're not flexible, comfortable in your skin, or you’ve forgotten how amazing you are, you’re in the right place for yoga. If you’re wildly flexible, maxing out all your personal records, and generally loving every moment of life, you’re also in the right place for yoga. Yoga has a way of keeping us humble, amplifying when life is sweet while helping us to thrive when life is sour.


Q: We’re really excited to have you on the Tempo team! What made you decide to join us?
JF: I am excited for the opportunity to share the benefits of yoga with an audience that maybe hasn’t discovered them yet. I felt that weightlifters would receive a lot of service from using their body and breath in new ways.
I felt yogis would benefit a lot from the strength and HIIT training. And, I felt the yoga program at Tempo would benefit greatly from someone who not only cared about the fitness benefits but the mental benefits that this powerful Indian discipline has to offer us. To share the practice on a platform that is revolutionizing how we become stronger in life is an incredible opportunity.
Q: That’s awesome. Now that yoga has had its beta launch, what are you hoping to accomplish at Tempo with our community?
JF: Yoga has brought immeasurable gifts into my life. It’s taught me to navigate discomfort and celebrate victories. It helps me remember integrity, compassion, wisdom, and humor are always on tap. It reminds me that I’m a miracle with or without that pose, job, car, or status. It encourages me to be courageous, authentic, and vulnerable when facing reality. And above all, it helps me remember we’re not all that different.

That intangible feeling at the end of practice makes me realize we spend too much time on the planet focusing on our external differences instead of our internal similarities. I truly hope with this opportunity at Tempo, I can help as many people as possible to feel all of this too.
Find our yoga classes now on your Tempo via the Classes tab and get to know Jeremy even more by following him on Instagram.


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