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Tempo extends its collaboration with Microsoft

Microsoft 3D tech & Azure provide in-person experience
Tempo extends its collaboration with Microsoft
Tempo — the first home fitness system that uses 3D sensors and A.I. to analyze your motion and provide real-time rep counting, form feedback, and weight recommendations—today announced migrating its cloud infrastructure to Azure and building their next generation products using Microsoft’s leading Time of Flight (ToF) sensing technology as part of Microsoft’s Azure Depth Platform program. Microsoft’s 3D sensing technology procures better depth accuracy for motion training, the continued collaboration allows Tempo trainers to better correct members’ workout form and provide targeted feedback in both live and on-demand classes.
With real-time guidance, detailed statistics, and competition grade equipment through every workout, Tempo members know exactly what it takes to set their next personal record and have every resource to get there. The next generation in-home fitness solution monitors and seamlessly assesses its users’ abilities while tracking and reporting their ongoing progress. To personalize this service, Tempo developed a machine learning model and advanced A.I. using Microsoft’s ToF technology and its software developer kits. Together, Tempo and Microsoft are democratizing cloud connected 3D vision, increasing accessibility to personal training for every home.
Since its launch in February 2020, Tempo’s 3D sensors have collected and analyzed 3 million tagged workouts with data points to-date on behalf of its customers with support from Microsoft.
“3D data is essential to offering accurate tracking and feedback to users.'' said Moawia Eldeeb, Tempo’s Co-Founder & CEO. “It’s the Microsoft sensor technology within our product together with Azure that powers our trainers and AI. Tempo is accelerating its future version product design and scale with Microsoft Azure Depth Platform partner and developer ecosystem.”
“We are excited to collaborate with Tempo and help people adopt a healthier lifestyle with a personal AI based trainer. Sports applications require rapid and accurate measurements of users in motion, which is where our low-noise, high sensitivity, fast acquisition ToF sensors with advanced camera algorithms come into play. The Azure Depth Platform program welcomes partners to solve business problems using 3D vision and Azure.” Cyrus Bamji, Partner HW architect, Microsoft). .
Tempo is using Azure Instances for its machine learning training and plans to move its cloud services to Azure, including its live streaming infrastructure.
For more information and assets, please access the media kit here.
About Tempo
Tempo is the first and only home fitness system that uses 3D sensors and A.I. to analyze your motion and provide real-time rep counting, form feedback, and weight recommendations in live strength, HIIT, and cardio classes led by expert trainers. The brand’s flagship product, the Tempo Studio, is a complete home gym that packages a 115 lb competition-grade weight set, an immersive 43” HD touchscreen, and other accessories in a sleek, free-standing design. Tempo is headquartered in San Francisco.


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