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Play Your Own Music

Now you can train to your favorite tunes on your Tempo.
Play Your Own Music
Something exhilarating happens when our song starts playing…our hearts beat a little faster and the blood pumps  harder through our veins, setting our feet, hips, shoulders and bodies into motion.
The effect on our training is undeniable. We jump a little higher, pump a little more vigorously, and sweat it out with a smile. What if every song on your training soundtrack made you feel this way?
With our newest update, it can. Get ready to play your own music on Tempo.
Sweat to your favorite songs and personal playlists directly from your device. Get more out of every workout with tunes that amp you up, bring a smile to your face, and generally make you just want to move.
And it doesn’t matter which music platform is your go-to. Maybe it’s your Spotify Move it, move it playlist, the perfect shuffle on Pandora, an artist you adore on SoundCloud, or your favorite song on Apple Music – on repeat. You can play your music, your way through any app on any Tempo device. 
Set your personal soundtrack by selecting the option to play your own music at the start of your workout. The process varies depending on which Tempo device you use.
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If you have a Studio, launch your class, pair your phone to your device, turn up the volume, and blast your tunes through the bluetooth-enabled speakers.
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If you have the Move, launch your class as usual, then opt to play your own background music, tap into your favorite music app, and curate from your phone. Get step-by-step instructions here

Of course, if you prefer we play DJ,  you will still have access to all of our Tempo music stations. Mix it up – and don’t forget to check out our coaches’ playlists …

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What are the coaches training to?

See for yourself. Break a sweat to your favorite coach’s songlist – or try them all! Click here see their Spotify playlists.
Amped up yet? So are we. So dial it up. Break it down.  Discover training at your tempo.


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