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Introducing Weekly Activity Targets

Build lasting workout habits with Tempo.
Introducing Weekly Activity Targets
Good habits are hard to form and even harder to keep up, whether they’re about working out, going to bed earlier, or even just eating healthier. What research shows is that many stop before achieving their goals, especially when it comes to fitness, because:

  1. They don’t know what to do next to achieve their fitness goal
  2. They’re not sure if they’re progressing towards achieving their fitness goal

What we’ve discovered at Tempo is that knowing what you’re aiming for each week and how far along you are is one of the keys to maintaining motivation. That’s why we’re bringing Weekly Activity Targets to the Tempo workout experience: to break down your personal goal into actionable steps, show you what classes best support it, and make it clear what you need to do on a weekly basis to make progress.

Breaking down your goal

The four fitness goals you can pursue with Tempo are Getting Stronger, Improving Definition, Losing Weight, and Getting Healthier. Working with our fitness science team, for each goal we created metrics to track your progress and weekly targets to hit. If you haven’t already explored your goal, here’s how we’re breaking each down:

Get Stronger

Metrics: To help you get stronger, we created the metric “strength sets” which we define as sets of heavy, weighted movements.
Weekly Target: Six strength sets per major muscle group each week helps you steadily start to build muscle.
Classes to focus on: Strength training

Get Stronger with Tempo using Weekly Activity Metrics - blog

Improve Definition

Metrics: To help you get toned, we found that the most important metrics for you to track are strength sets and calories.
Weekly Target: Three strength sets per major muscle group and 900 calories from working out. 
Classes to focus on: Strength training, HIIT, Cardio 

Improve Definition with Tempo using Weekly Activity Metrics - blog

Lose Weight

Metrics: To help you slim down, we found that the most important metric for you to track is calories.
Weekly Target: 900 calories per week from working out. 
Classes to focus on: HIIT, Cardio

Lose Weight with Tempo using Weekly Activity Metrics - blog

Get Healthier

Metrics: To help you increase your metabolism, strengthen your heart, and lose weight, we created the metric “intensity minutes,” which measures the amount of time your heart rate is in zone 3 or higher during workouts. That’s 70% of your maximum heart rate or higher.
Weekly Target: 60 minutes per week in zone 3 or higher.
Classes to focus on: HIIT

Get Healthier with Tempo using Weekly Activity Metrics - Blog

What’s next at Tempo?

We’ve only just scratched the surface of progress in the Tempo experience. We imagine a future where it’s clear to see how the effort you put in week after week makes you stronger and fitter, and where you can easily track the results you’ve gained along the way. This is a critical step in Tempo’s goal to demystify the fitness journey and democratize personal training.


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