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Prenatal Strength with Guest Coach Nan Luma

Tempo’s newest guest coach Nan Luma talked with Coach Clarence about training while pregnant and what inspired her to create this Prenatal Strength program, launching on August 1st
Prenatal Strength with Guest Coach Nan Luma
One of the best offerings Tempo has is our ability to connect members from all over the country to incredible coaches whose expertise varies across all types of training. From yoga and pilates to HIIT and strength training, Tempo coaches have the opportunity to guide members from the comfort of their homes. Our coaches become that familiar voice that push and motivate them to work hard and become the best version of themselves on the mat.

Our new guest coach Nan Luma brings her own unique flavor and spin with her mindful approach to fitness. She is also experiencing something that many Tempo members can really relate to: pregnancy! Clarence , Head of Coach Development and Tempo Coach, sat down with Nan to talk about health and wellness, her own fitness journey, and some tips for working out while pregnant. Read on to learn more and check out Nan’s program Prenatal Strength, launching on Tempo on August 1st.

Coach Clarence: Hi Nan! We’re so excited to welcome you as a guest coach at Tempo. Can you tell us how you got started in fitness?
Nan Luma: I’m super excited to be teaching classes for Tempo. I became interested in the fitness industry out of sheer frustration with my corporate life. I was unfulfilled and asked myself, ‘What makes me happy? What fills my cup?’ and the answer was movement. I am most happy when I am in the gym or taking classes like boxing or dance. So why not work as a cycling instructor or a movement specialist? Helping people get back to moving is what I truly enjoy doing.  

How do you approach health and fitness in your life? How do you help your clients create their own health plans? 
NL:  To me, health is a deep circle. It’s environmental, relational, nutrition-focused, and movement-oriented, but 80% of health stems from your mindset. I like to ask my clients how they start their day because it all starts with mindset. Do you open the curtains, take some deep breaths, or meditate? It is so important to start the day intentionally and be positive. From there we can work on habits and focus on changing behaviors versus dwelling on anticipated outcomes. What do we need to do everyday to see that outcome? It can be little things like chewing longer or having a distraction-free eating area. Small changes like this will yield the outcomes for us, provided we make the commitment.

 I love that and it is so true when trying to make a change in your fitness lifestyle. How would you describe your teaching style in group fitness classes?
NL: I try to be economical with my words and be my client's cheerleader. I want to instill confidence so that people don’t feel like they need to rely on me for guidance all of the time but Instead help people realize the power they already have. If I can encourage them to tap into it, they don’t need to outsource power from me. 
CC: Was prenatal training something you were always interested in?
NL: My attention was not originally focused on prenatal exercise.. But now that I’ve gone through it, I’m able to empathize and relate to people experiencing pregnancy and help them maintain a fitness routine throughout their own journey. My experience has given me a new perspective of what it’s like for other body types to feel and move.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! How has it been incorporating your fitness routine into your changing lifestyle?
NL:  It’s been a journey! I found it easy to stay plugged in during my first trimester. I could still move a lot and I did all my normal fitness things. My second trimester was still easy, but my third trimester is when things changed. Everything felt harder and my energy was lower, to the point where a walk was daunting. I realized that we don’t need to subscribe to what routine we did prior, any movement is beneficial, even if it’s just 15 minutes. 
As much as I felt intellectually prepared for that change, I wasn’t expecting my brain and body to be so out of sync. My brain kept saying “GO GO GO!!!” but my body was craving more rest. It can be hard to feel mentally in control during these times, so I have had to let myself surrender to the rest, even if I found myself struggling to accept that is what I needed.
CC: What were some of the issues you faced trying to find suitable workouts when your pregnancy journey started? 
NL: Honestly, there is very little prenatal content out there. When I did find something, it was either an expensive program or required me to purchase a whole new workout system. Since I didn’t want to pay for another thing, I decided to give up strength training and stick to mostly cardio work. That was not enough to make me feel great and my general fatigue limited my drive to create my own programs. I just wanted to follow an instructor’s guidance, but most of the content out there was yoga or simply suggested I go for a walk. It’s disappointing there is such a lack of care and attention for people who are pregnant and still want to work out.


CC: If someone did not work out before pregnancy, is it safe for them to start despite having no experience? What’s the best way to get started?
NL:  It is still safe to start, but the rule is to never move through the pain. If you do experience pain, slow down, decrease your range of motion, and any extra weight. Pain is a signal from the brain saying “Hey stop, do something different.” I’m still able to do squats, for example, but I can’t squat the same range I was able to prior to pregnancy. If I tried and felt pain halfway through, I take that as a sign that I need to adjust to a shallower squat. Regardless, get cleared by your doctor before you start.
CC: Why should someone adjust their strength training routine during pregnancy? 
NL: Things in our bodies shift during pregnancy. Organs like your diaphragm move, so it may be harder to breathe than normal. Your body also releases extra hormones to help make your body loosen up and expand to grow a baby, so just be aware that your body and joints may be looser during this time. You need to take care and go slow!
CC: What are the safest movements to do when pregnant?
NL: Some of my favorites are bodyweight squats, bodyweight hip thrusts, step-ups (as long as you’re not stepping up too), push ups, reverse lunges, and side planks.

Are these some of the movements that Tempo users can expect in your program?
NL:  Yes! The intention for my program came from wanting to create something that filled the gap I felt was missing during my strength training journey early in my pregnancy. I felt strong moving throughout the program and like I was myth busting by confirming that I could still do strength training as long as I was moving slowly and modifying when needed. 
CC: Do you have any parting words or advice for our users who are going to take your program?
NL: Believe in yourself. You can do this, and if you feel like you can’t, just know I’ll be right there with you!


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