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Tempo Coach Jonathan Hits the Runway!

How Tempo programs helped Coach Jonathan hit the swim week catwalk with confidence.
Tempo Coach Jonathan Hits the Runway!
Miami swim week is here and while most of us are cheering from the sidelines, Tempo’s very own Coach Jonathan Ibrahim hit the runway for Argyle Grant! If you’ve ever taken one of Jonathan’s classes, you know how hard he works on his physique but prepping to walk in a bathing suit in front of hundreds of on-lookers can rattle even the fittest of athletes.  We talked to Jonathan about confidence, how he prepared for the show and how Tempo helped him get there. 

Tempo: First off, walking in a Swim Week fashion show is so cool! Congratulations. Was this your first time as a runway model?
Coach Jonathan: Actually, no! My first catwalk was back in October of 2021, walking in a show during Los Angeles Fashion week.

T: What were some of the things you did to prepare yourself for the show? 
J: The first thing I need to know is how much time I have until the show to better plan my training and diet. Once I figure that out, I plan accordingly – six days a week of strength training with some steady state cardio weaved in and clean eats all the way until show day.

T: How did Tempo help you in your journey to the runway? 
J: As an employer, Tempo helped me in my journey to the runway because they truly advocated for me to be right there strutting down the catwalk. Moral support aside, I was able to connect with some of my fellow coaches to build their expertise into my own workout programming. My 8-week Strength Fundamentals program was one of the series I incorporated into my routine. It’s great because it’s four parts, with parts one and two geared towards beginners and parts three and four better for intermediate and advanced athletes. You can start at any section you’re comfortable with, so I enjoyed mixing these classes into my routine.

T: Along with your background in fitness, you also have your BS of Science in Nutrition. Did your education in nutrition play a part in helping you prepare?
J: Absolutely! Understanding the science of food gave me confidence and took the guesswork out of how I should be eating to prepare for something as big as a runway show.

T: We all strive for body confidence and, to many, walking the runway in a bathing suit is very intimidating! Were you nervous? What did you do to help combat that?
J: I was extremely nervous, and knowing me on the mat, I can be clumsy. I really didn’t want to have a “Sex in the City moment” where Carrie Bradshaw tripped on the Vera Wang runway. To help me combat my nervousness, I relied on my friends backstage, who were also walking, to hype me up. What made it even more nerve wracking was that I was closing the show with the designer.

T: Wow! What is something you learned about yourself? 
J: What I learned about myself from this experience was that I truly am capable and have what it takes. I never saw myself as fit, or ripped enough to be a runway model, and here I am strutting down the runway like a pro.

T: Are you planning on walking in a show again? 
J: If the opportunity presents itself, I will definitely do it again! 


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