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5 Reasons to Switch to Tempo

Why the most advanced, versatile home gym is right for you
5 Reasons to Switch to Tempo
Finding a home fitness solution that fits your needs and your lifestyle can be tough. There’s a lot of different options that can be easily overwhelming. You may think you have to choose between something tech-forward or something classic like dumbbells, With Tempo, you don't.
With Tempo, it’s not really an either / or. Tempo combines innovative technology that corrects your form in real-time with the durability and versatility of free weights — all backed by tried and true exercise science to keep you constantly progressing to your goals.

5 Reasons Tempo is the Home Gym for You

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1. Personal training powered by 3D Tempo Vision

Tempo training combines a team of expert coaches, millions of hours of collected expertise, and real-time form feedback through 3D vision and artificial intelligence.

Tempo will learn your body and goals and uses smart technology to not only correct your form (and teach you how to correct it), but also count your reps and recommend weight changes in every class so that your body is constantly challenged, and you’re constantly getting stronger. With Tempo, fitness has never been more personal.

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2. One membership, unlimited fitness journeys

One $39/month Tempo subscription includes unlimited classes for the entire family. Each member of your household (and any visitors) gets their own account with weekly custom training plans, class history, and personalized goals. They’ll also have access to a constantly growing library of 1000s of workouts from boxing to yoga to full body strength training and HIIT — all coached by our expert coaches and roster of world-renowned partner athletes.
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3. Premium quality weights included

Valued at over $1000, Tempo’s competition-grade weights are a powerful partner in your fitness journey. Unlike most machines, free weights provide a level of muscle engagement, range of motion, and versatility to support a wide array of workouts—all while storing neatly in the body of your Tempo.
Avoid clutter and rest easy (when you’re not working out that is) knowing that you’re using equipment that will stand the test of time and be with you every rep of the way.
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4. A supportive community that celebrates your wins

Tempo members and coaches lift each other up, cheer each other on, and celebrate every win—big and small. You may be solo on the mat, but with Tempo, you’re never on your own.
With a live leaderboard to push you during Tempo’s many on-demand classes and daily live classes, don’t be surprised if a coach gives you a shout-out or if our ever-growing community sends their kudos after class — or invites you to take their next class with them. You’ll join a team of thousands of athletes who are just like you: training to be their best versions of themselves in their everyday lives. And they are excited to meet you.

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5. Fits easily into your home

Tempo’s free-standing design needs only 3 square feet of space and requires no drilling into your walls. Designed with your home and safety in mind, Tempo blends seamlessly into any home decor and its easel-like structure keeps it securely in place to keep your family safe (and fit). A home gym has never been so beautiful and so unobtrusive.

Learn more about Tempo and get to know our community even better on Instagram. Check out our reviews page to find out why it's "the best smart home gym yet."


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