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Personalizing At-home Workouts with Range of Motion Form Feedback

Learn about Tempo’s next step in personalizing your class experience
Personalizing At-home Workouts with Range of Motion Form Feedback
At Tempo, it's our mission to create a truly personalized training experience through real-time feedback and guidance. We're excited to announce the next step: range of motion (ROM) form feedback.

Why Focus on Improving ROM?

Your ROM is a measure of how far and well you can move through an exercise. We’re focusing on it because we’ve noticed from our data that ROM is one of the most common issues our members face. We want to help you get more out of each Tempo workout and better prepare you to move better in your everyday life, and improving ROM helps do just that. 
For a movement like a squat, that means we're now measuring how far down you can go without compromising your form, and then helping you get better. Great ROM activates more of your muscles, which allows you to generate more power, while also more evenly spreading the weight load, which is better for your knees and ankles. 
It also helps you when you’re not working out. Our average daily routine can include sitting for hours at a desk, during a commute, and at home. That kind of routine can make even everyday tasks like bending down to pick something up more challenging. Focusing on ROM furthers our commitment to helping you live a stronger, healthier life.

Why It's Important

Two gigantic reasons: getting stronger faster and reducing your risk of injury. These are incredibly important to ensure you stay on track and achieve your goals.
Emphasizing better ROM improves the pace at which you get stronger. As an example, consider a half squat and a full squat. While you may be able to lift more weight in a half squat, hitting full depth - even at a lower weight - will help you build more muscle. This happens because a full squat stretches the muscles in your legs more, better activating them, and adds more time under tension to the exercise.
Alex incomplete squat ROM
Alex complete squat ROM
Working on ROM during a workout also helps reduce your risk of injury by shifting the focus of a workout from the number of reps you finish or the weight you lift to how well you’re moving and which joints you’re engaging. The better your form, the better your foundation, the less chance of injury, and the more linear your progress.

Move with a Full Range on Every Single Rep

Using 3D Tempo Vision, we can help you move with a full range on every rep. We’ve trained our AI to recognize what an ideal squat should look like, which is where the knee angle is at or below parallel to the floor, and have incorporated different environments, body types, and circumstances into our development.  
In your workout experience, you’ll see a new meter that tracks your ROM in real time and guides you to an ideal zone. You’ll be able to see if you’re moving well and, if not, get help correcting it. Along with our existing metrics and form feedback, this meter is the next step in creating a workout experience that helps you improve.
Learn more and get answers to frequently asked questions about ROM here.


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