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Tempo Programs Are Flexible

Skip, return to, or retake program classes to customize your training experience.
Tempo Programs Are Flexible
With a growing catalog of programs — prescribed series of classes aimed at achieving specific goals — it’s no surprise that many Temponians are showing up on the mat to progress through their programs. 
And while programs are a fantastic way to take the guesswork out of working out, we’ve heard feedback from the Tempo community that they’re craving more flexibility.

Skipping Tempo Program Classes

Taking the Tempo community’s feedback, we are excited to share that program classes can now be skipped, returned to, or retaken.

We hope that this new feature addresses some of the feedback we noticed, like one of our Tempo athletes recently noted in our Facebook Group:

“Why can't we skip classes in a program? I'm frustrated and it's basically killed all motivation because I have to complete [classes] in order to progress. Today instead of getting a workout in, I'm sitting on the floor letting 30 minutes of workouts play so I can move on in the program tomorrow.”

While our coaches do carefully design each of their programs, including the specific order in which the classes are to be taken, we know that this doesn’t always best serve our athletes. 
We’ve been listening and know that whether it’s injuries that prevent you from taking your next program class, time constraints that make it tough to fit in a 60-minute workout, or feeling too worn out to hit a heavy strength session, we understand that life happens. The rigidity of our programs don’t always align with what we all have going on off the mat. 
With the ability to now skip program classes or take them at a later time, we hope that our community can now flex (no pun intended) programs to fit their lifestyle and train in whatever way works best for them without losing motivation or sacrificing their fitness goals.

How Does Skipping Classes Work?


After you’ve joined a program, you’ll now have the option to skip that day’s class.
Because we always want to make sure we’re listening to our community, you’ll be prompted to provide a reason for skipping the class. Once you’ve made your choice you’ll be able to progress to the next class in the program. 

If you decide you’d like to take your skipped class at a later time, you’ll also have that opportunity. 
Regardless of if you decide to go back and finish out the classes you’ve skipped, you’ll still be able to finish your program.

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Why Should I Skip a Class?

As mentioned, our expert coaches spend a lot of time and thought to ensure they’re giving you the tools you need to get reach your fitness goals in the best way possible with their programs. 

And while following the given order of a program, we know that the sequence of classes in a program aren’t always what’s best for you on that day. We’ve seen in the community several fantastic use cases for skipping classes:

- Training for a specific race or event and needing to do a mobility or recovery day instead of a higher impact class prescribed in a program.

- Injury that means being unable to train a specific muscle group or body part.

- A last-minute work meeting that means you can’t commit to a longer workout
- Simply feeling down or mentally unprepared for a specific workout — we get it.
Whatever the reason may be, skipping program classes is our next step in giving our community the flexibility and personalization they need to work on their goals. Whether it’s skipping your program class for the day or simply browsing the hundreds of classes that are available on-demand instead, we’re looking forward to seeing you on the mat!


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