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Fitness Designed for You: A Look at 1:1 Fitness Coaching

From strength training to HIIT to injury prevention, Tempo has a Fitness Coach for you!
Fitness Designed for You: A Look at 1:1 Fitness Coaching
Back in July, Tempo introduced One-to-One Fitness Coaching: A new way to make progress, feel supported, and stay accountable with Tempo. Along with our expert in-class coaches, AI-powered form feedback, and variety of workouts and programs, you can feel, more than ever, that Tempo has your back and is guiding you along your fitness journey. We spent some time interviewing our Tempo Fitness Coaches to learn more about their approaches to working with their clients and why One-to-One Coaching may be the right fit for you!

Who are Tempo’s Fitness Coaches?

The Tempo Fitness Coaches are certified personal trainers with different backgrounds and specialities in all areas of fitness. From strength training to injury prevention, pre- and post-natal fitness to bodyweight strength, Tempo has a Fitness Coach for you!
Let's meet one now: Personal Trainer and Crossfit LV. 1-certified Coach Dorian Medina!

How does Fitness Coaching work?

➤ Activate and Select your trainer: After you activate fitness coaching in your account, you can review each coach’s style, specialty, and experience. Note: one member from each Tempo account can enroll in coaching.
➤ Schedule a 30-minute video chat: In this call, you and your coach discuss your goals, routine, and lifestyle.
➤ Get your custom plan: Your coach creates a flexible, personalized plan with specific Tempo classes that fit your schedule and preferences.
➤ Chat & check-in with your coach: You’ll be able to chat with your coach via in-app messaging and book another 30 minute virtual session every quarter to recalibrate and adjust your program, as needed.

Choose Your Coach Duo

Coach Dorian explained the intake process this way: “My approach when talking to a member during our intake call is establishing trust, and getting to know the person that I am coaching. I want to know who they are, what they value, what their relationship is like with movement, what their exercise history is, how they perceive fitness, and what is the problem that I can help solve.”
Coach Deanna Brolly, a NASM-certified Corrective Exercise and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, expands on Coach Dorian’s ideas, saying, “My approach has always been to establish and build rapport and trust. I always want my clients to feel a sense of relief and support that they are in good hands. I’m most interested in learning why now? What has inspired them to take charge of their health? I’ve learned throughout my 20 years in coaching, that humans need humans. Plain and simple. The connection and knowing that there is someone else who cares and who can help keep them on track is key!”

Coach Deanna Brolly quote

Why One-to-One Fitness coaching?

1. Our coaches are excellent accountability partners.

Making any kind of change and sticking to it means committing to your goals even in the face of daily challenges. It takes time and patience to turn repeated actions into habits, and Tempo knows that having a coach in your corner can exponentially increase your chances of success.
Coach Sylvia Borowska (who is certified in Group Exercise, TRX, and more) explains, “Who doesn't want a cheerleader? We all could use someone to hold us a little more accountable. We all love our comfort zone and it helps to have someone constantly push us a little outside of that.” And Coach Deanna Brolly added, “Without a doubt, having an accountability buddy can make or break a client’s success. I’ve learned throughout my 20 years in coaching, that humans need humans. Plain and simple. The connection and knowing that there is someone else who cares & who can help keep them on track is key!”
Tempo Member Shauna M. shared feedback about her journey with Fitness Coaching in our Facebook Community, writing, “If I hadn’t jumped on board with the 1 on 1 coaching, I wouldn’t have done two Tempo workouts this week. I need that accountability in a huge way! My monthly Tempo fee is actually bringing me real value in having someone on the other side who is checking on my progress!”

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2. Our coaches collaborate with you to help you set realistic goals.

Regardless of how experienced or advanced you are in your fitness journey, it’s important to set realistic goals that mesh with your current mindset, motivation level, timeframe, skills, and physical abilities. Our coaches can help you find the perfect balance between pushing you towards your stretch goals and identifying what’s truly achievable. Tempo Member Eddie F. shared his story in starting Fitness Coaching in our Facebook Community writing, “It was frustrating at first, as a year of back injuries prevented me from doing much…it was a slow start but I definitely feel stronger and more confident…If you haven’t been on your Tempo programs for a while, consider a personal fitness coach and get back into it!”
Coach Sylvia encourages her clients to be honest and sensible in their goal-setting: “Don't tell me you want to workout five times a week because you think I want to hear that. That might be too stressful and overwhelming for some people (especially a beginner).”
NCSF and Yoga-certified Coach Whitney Adams explained her approach this way: “I think about [my clients’] overall fitness goals and their lifestyle. Realistically, what can they do and how they can progress to where they want to be. Also, how do they best receive internal and external positive feedback to push them forward. I like to give them many options so that they have many opportunities to succeed on a weekly/daily basis."

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3. Our coaches prioritize both your mental and physical health to help you unlock your potential.

At Tempo, your mental health is just as important as your physical well-being (looking at you and your Mental Mondays, Coach Clarence!). In fact, the science shows that strength training reduces anxiety, eases depression symptoms, increases confidence, and improves brain function.
ISSA-certified Coach Shaun Hudnall sees the conversation around both physical and mental health as essential to his coaching approach. He says, “Physical fitness and mental health go hand in hand. When you’re refreshed, happy, and in a state of fulfillment, you want to accomplish [your] goals–that includes fitness. When a member [has] a bad day at work, they can bring it home and it will affect their fitness goals. They may brush off the gym, say "I'll do it another day," and that leads to a snowball effect. I want to make sure that each and every day our members are excited and hungry to get after it, and it always starts with positive affirmations and a healthy mindset.”
Coach Shaun Hudnall Quote

4. Our coaches can introduce you to class and movement types you may never have tried before.

Our Fitness Coaches build custom programs that will encourage you to try both more challenging and difficult classes, as well as classes you might not select just by browsing the Tempo catalog on your own. 
Tempo Member, Shauna M. continued her Fitness Coaching review writing, “I completed the TERRIBLE 45 minute long workout [my fitness coach] scheduled for me. I say terrible because I wouldn’t have ever chosen to do a 45-minute long workout on my own. I messaged my coach afterward and told her that if she hadn't been there on the other end checking on me, I would have turned the tempo right off and gone about my day without a workout (the struggle is real!). I was SO sore today, but I showed up at 10am for my 2nd tempo workout of the week.”
Tempo Member, Eddie F., also wrote in his review, “I highly suggest having a fitness coach to guide you–nothing to think about when starting up the Tempo, as the program is ready for me to join with the planned classes… I've been curious about yoga after meditating for years, and [Yogi Jeremy’s] classes have brought mindfulness each time, and his encouraging and instructive words have made the yoga classes meaningful.”
Whether you’re looking for a highly guided new training experience or just a bit of a change-up, our Fitness Coaches are here to help.

5. Our coaches can help you make the best health decisions for you–for the long-term!

Tempo’s mission is to give everyone the power to realize their strength and lead an active, full life. Our Fitness Coaches bake this belief into every intake call and program they create for our members. Coach Dorian says, “Fitness is a lifetime activity…it’s constant growth, learning, and reflection on the opportunities we have to move every day, what fitness really means to us, and how it can be applied to our personal lives.”
ACE-certified Coach Joshua Maness explains, “I think Fitness Coaching is important for a member’s long-term fitness goals because coaches help bridge the gap between “I know what I want,” and “I know how to get what I want.” As a coaching team we are a gateway into scientifically proven methodology and information for our members. Coaches help members not only understand why or how to do the right thing in fitness, but how that concept applies to the member individually.”

Coach Joshua Maness Quote

How do I sign up for One-to-One Fitness Coaching?

We’re glad you asked! Current Tempo Members can add Fitness Coaching to their membership with absolutely no long-term contract. Note that if you want to add it to your membership, you may need to be put on a waitlist. Email hello@tempo.fit to start the process.
And right now for the 2022 Holiday season, new Tempo Members can experience the difference a coach can make for FREE for your first three months. There’s no auto-enrollment, and you keep going after your trial ends only if you want to.
More than 70% of the Tempo members who’ve tried Fitness Coaching so far have said they worked out more frequently with the support of a coach, and 89% had a better understanding of how to use Tempo to achieve their goals.

Get Started with Tempo

Our Fitness Coaches are here to be your guides, your exercise partners, and your cheerleaders. We offer more than 2,000 guided workouts across various modalities and sports — from yoga and strength to cardio and HIIT. Each workout is led by one of our experienced trainers, who ensure you exercise efficiently and safely. You can customize your workouts based on your goals, get real-time feedback, and track your progress over time — all without having to leave your house.
Join our community and experience a new way of getting fit.


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